Spring Break Safety with Essential Oils for the Whole Family

spring break safety

As I was watching my son eating ice and having fun outside, I’m reminded of the joy of every season. Seasons do come and go very quickly. The end of winter is almost here and soon it will be spring break.

After being cooped up indoors we are all ready to welcome spring break with more time spent outdoors with activities and perhaps taking a spring break vacation for the whole family. Spring break activity galore means the possibility of mishaps, spring allergies, insect bites and more. I’ve prepared a list of essential oils for spring break safety to help with any minor emergencies and to promote a peaceful and happy time together.

Here is a testimonial from a family who lives in the southern part of the United States and everything is in full bloom during spring break:

My son has severe allergies and asthma. We live in the South where every weed, tree and grass blooms in the spring and there is “green stuff” everywhere. My son used R.C. on his feet putting it on the bottom of his feet on the tips of his toes which are the reflexology points for sinuses. Also, we put a drop of Raven on top of his feet and rubbed it in for his asthma. He carried a small bottle of it in his pocket for emergencies or other triggers, but other than that we did this every morning and at bedtime and had great success.- Kristen D. (Oils-testimonials)

Here are six essential oils for spring break safety for the whole family:

One: For allergies and asthma
Prepare your medicine chest and travel essentials with R.C., Raven, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils. (Of course we never advocate not having your prescribed medications and emergency inhalers with you when you travel.)

Two: Prevent airborne bacteria
Bring a bottle of Thieves essential oil with you wherever you go. Thieves contains powerful essential oils that defend and protect you from dangerous airborne bacteria. Apply on feet before going out.

Add Thieves waterless hand purifier to everyone’s carry-on or backpack while on the road, vacation or just going around town. Thieves waterless hand purifier is portable and long-lasting. It will clean and purify hands wherever you are. Washing your hands is important to keep germs away but when you are out and about and unable to wash your hands, Thieves hand purifier will be your best replacement without harsh additives and chemicals.

Three: Bugs and bug spray
Here’s an amazing testimonial from Cheryl T. about homemade bug spray made from Purification and Lavender to help protect from bugs:

I was at a friends lake house over the weekend with my husband and 7 other couples, in the evening we all made a big circle of chairs down at the covered dock right on the waters edge to hang out and play catch phrase.

Soon the bugs were annoying everyone so I had some Purification and lavender oil in a spray bottle mixed with water that one of your wholesalers gave me to try out and sprayed some on me and then offered it to everyone else, they all tried it out and soon all the bugs went away and no one was being bit anymore.

The next evening we did the same thing and as soon as we sat down the bugs were back, everyone starting asking if I had any more of that homemade bug spray, so I passed it around again and out of 16 people no left with one bug bite. Amazing stuff. (Oils-testimonials)

All you need is a small glass spray bottle to make your own bug spray. According to a NY Times article, most bug repellents contain DEET as an active ingredient. DEET can cause breathing problems, coughing, loss of alertness due to imbalance in oxygen level, upset stomach, vomiting and more. You may get skin irritation and hives. DEET is dangerous for young children and should never be used on infants.

I recommend using therapeutic grade essential oils like Purification and Lavender and putting them in a spray bottle and roll on before leaving for the outdoors.

Four: Sun protection
Moderate exposure to sun is not harmful because our body needs sunlight for Vitamin D and to give us happy hormones. The UV rays are most intense between 10 am to 2 pm. I think there is more harm than good in using sunscreen. Wear hats or shirts that protect your family from too much exposure to the sun.


To cool your body after a long day outside, make your own peppermint spray (peppermint oil and distilled water in a glass bottle) or stock up on LavaDerm Cooling Mist. It contains Lavender oil to soothe and rejuvenate tired skin and also provides relief from dryness and minor burns.

Five: Water
Dehydration while playing outdoors or engaging in a sport activity is common among teens and young kids. Stomach cramps, headache, irritable moods and gastrointestinal illnesses may happen when dehydration occurs on a regular basis when families are playing outdoors and forget to drink water. In fact my pastor was sharing a story the other day of his young daughter passing out after a day on vacation in the sun. It was very scary for the whole family.

Drinking soda, coffee or any sugared water is different from drinking pure water. Your kids may be irritable or misbehave because of the lack of water in their little bodies. Take time to hydrate everyone even if you have to go to the bathroom more often and make more stops in a car ride.

Six: Stay calm and bring your favorite oils
Peace and Calming oil and Joy oil are my favorites to promote happy mood and calming effects. My friend Joanie was traveling to Florida with her family for spring break. It was snowing really badly and there was a terrible accident on 81 which got them stuck in the car for 8 hours in traffic. Normally they would have gone batty but she says we just kept using the Peace and Calming and Joy oil and they laughed, played games and stayed sane.

What do you do to keep your family safe and healthy during spring break? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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