Protected: Why I Use Peppermint Essential Oil

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  • dj2me

    Peppermint oil has been a lifesaver, freeing me from the many meds I took for IBS and keeping me cool on these hot summer days

  • Djallen2008

    Peppermint is the one oil I am never without. I use it for headaches, I treat hives with it, I use it when my stumic is off, and it smells good tool

  • Verda

    Peppermint was my first oil, Mary gifted me a bottle when she came down to meet us and I haven’t been the same since.
    I suffered with sinusitis so bad that I took antihistamines every day and sometimes twice a day.  I started inhaling it at night before bed and within a week I knew it was working and in about a month, I didn’t need the antihistamines.
    Thanks be to God for His provisions, for He knew my need …God is so good. 

  • Maria

    Y. L. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is one of my favorite oils!

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