CindymefacemasksWhen I was 9 years old I was the biggest kid in my class. I remember the embarrassment of having to get weighed at school in the nurse’s office in front of everyone. 100 lbs.  AGGHHH! Only my best friend Cindy the second biggest kid in the class and I weighed over 100 lbs.  The picture of above is us in elementary school.   Do you know that feeling of embarrassment or shame when you have gotten on those big old fashion scales and had to move the 50 lb. bar up a notch? It’s awful especially as a kid.

Food as a Reward, Food for Fun, Food for Comfort

I grew up in a family where food was everything. It was how we celebrated, how we found comfort, how we entertained ourselves. Add some family dysfunction in there and it was also how we numbed the pain. As a kid every week I would get a bag of M&Ms or Skittles or whatever kind of candy I wanted as a reward for a good piano lesson. We had desserts of ice cream, cookies, or my favorite chocolate pudding with layered graham crackers almost every night.

And those goodies my mom bought never lasted long because when I got home from school I was eating them. After school my friends and I were bored so we would raid each other’s houses for any chocolate, candy or cookies we could find. I remember being so full by the time dinner rolled around but I still ate my mom’s delicious cooking and of course another dessert later. There were no “food rules” in my house because my parents didn’t know about good nutrition; they thought they were doing well because we had a meal together most nights.

And Then Came Exercise

exercisevideosIn my early teens my girlfriend Cindy and I began to do exercise videos. Our first was Jane Fonda’s Workout, (you know the one with the leg warmers), then we found GILAD’s 30 minute workouts. If you had cable, it was on everyday (it may still be), next there was Sweatin’ to the OLDIES, and finally the intense lose 10 lbs. in 10 workouts FIRM workout series. Any of those bring back memories for you too?

“PUSH PUSH PUSH” You think we would have been twigs with all that “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” we did but sadly the weight loss was minimal. See we didn’t understand that we weren’t suppose to eat ice cream and popcorn after a hard workout. We just didn’t understand nutrition. Fast forward to our senior year in high school where our weight finally changed.

A Community Changing

This is when we joined Weight Watchers. Both our moms had been through Weight Watchers a couple times as we were growing up and lost 30 -50lbs. So they encouraged us and we joined together with some other girlfriends. Over the course of our senior year we met our Weight Watcher’s group once a week where we “Weighed In” and learned a few tips.

The accountability was good, the community was great especially doing it with my best friends, but now I realize the program and nutrition coaching were not the best.  We all started walking and exercising together so the combination of the program, community and fitness got my body down to 125lbs. Of course back then in high school I didn’t think that was good enough and wanted to be in the teens again… HA if I only knew what was in store for me.

“The Freshman Fifteen”

Going to college meant a cafeteria meal plan and all you can eat ice cream, weekly food and alcohol parties, lack of sleep, and stress. This is a combination for weight gain no matter how many intramural sports I played. How did you gain the Freshmen 15 lb.? I may have beat you; I had 25 lbs. of weight gain. I was in college 9 years but thankfully when I was 24 years old I started learning some key things about nutrition.

Nutrition Knowledge

I was blessed to start a home business that was all about wellness and whose founder was passionate about helping people eat better and live better. His name is D. Gary Young and to this day I have been to many top nutrition and wellness classes but nothing compares to his teachings. He helped me understand some of the faults about food and what I was eating and what it was doing to my body.

I am very grateful to have had his mentorship for the past 16 years. But although implementing what I learned made me healthier and I have lost weight multiple times since my early twenties, I have not been able to maintain lasting weight loss.  We all have our reasons why we think or feel we can’t lose weight. Maybe it is a thyroid condition or disease, or maybe you feel it’s your age or like me you have had multiple pregnancies. But right after my last miscarriage I made a commitment to get myself healthy and lose weight.

When I turned 40 I made a commitment that 40 would be my fabulous year! I did what I thought was my best. I exercised, I ate better, I took my supplements, I even started some intense cleansing programs but the numbers on the scale didn’t move significantly. I was stuck. And then when I was working with a new team member one day I realized how much knowledge she had about nutrition, food, supplements, and fitness. She had 22 years of experience with helping people lose weight. So I hired her as my Forties and Fabulous coach.

The Help of a Coach

Susan and MarySince going through Susan’s program I have lost at least 2 pant sizes and gone from a tight large shirt size to a looser medium size and not to mention 20 lbs. have left my body. I feel really good I have a lot of energy, my moods are more stable, my marriage is better (if you know what I mean), I am no longer stiff all the time, I am more productive and I feel like I am a much better mom and business owner.

But I found some holes in Susan’s program that I didn’t like. See my family and I like to vacation and travel for business so we are gone for a week or more every other month. So meeting with my Wellness Coach Susan wasn’t always possible while I was away. Her program is based on weekly teachings that build upon each other and give you the foundation of your weight management. Being away derailed me a bit.

I told Susan she needed to have an online program and community where we had access to plug in wherever we were in the world.  She told me she would only do it if I helped and was a part of the teachings because I knew a lot about specific nutritionals and supplements that her clients needed.  So thus the 90 Day Change was born.

change-your-lifeOn May 15th we will host our first 90 Day Change online program and community.  Together we will work through putting the pieces of the puzzle of health, nutrition, and fitness STEP by STEP.  We will learn so many things over those 90 days including Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Eating Out, What Supplements you should be taking, and what fitness is right for you.

We will go deep into why we eat what we eat, how to manage cravings, and deal with food issues. We will also learn more than 7 principals or guidelines, which will lead to healthy habits and a new lifestyle. We will work as a community sharing our successes, encouraging each other, and making new friends. After the 90 day change we will not only look and feel better we will BE BETTER!

So if you are ready to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, to create positive and lasting health habits, to get into your skinny clothes, or just feel vibrant and beautiful again then join us and register today.


earlybirdThere is a $50 savings for those who are ready right now and want to get a jumpstart on their success.  Our Early Bird Special saves you $50, gives you a jumpstart on setting your mind and body up for success, as well as gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and understand your needs.

The Early Bird Special ends May 1st so don’t wait if you are ready to change.

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If you need to think it over, contemplate it, or just need time to decide go visit our Facebook Event Page at this link. We will be posting some short videos, and pictures of what to expect from your 90 day CHANGE.

Update on my BFF

CindyandMe20yearreunionThis is my husband and I and my elementary BFF Cindy and her husband at our 20 year class reunion. She had just released 50 plus lbs. and I have on my pregnancy stretchy pants jeans which I wore for 5 years until just recently I got in a “real” pair of jeans.  I look pretty good in this picture but I didn’t feel good. Today I am feeling and looking better week by week with my 90 day change.


Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It’s strictly for informational, educational, or entertainment purposes ONLY. The products I talk about are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. Any information I give you about them is for informational or entertainment purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek the qualified health professional of your choice when making health decisions for yourself, your family and your pets.


David and caleah

I cried when I saw this picture of my new niece and her daddy. A new life in the world is so beautiful but God revealed something more to me when I looked at this picture that broke me.

See recently I have been slightly persecuted by friends, colleagues and even family for my over zealous “selling” of a program that changed my life. “Shut up already”,  “I don’t want to hear about it”,  “it’s not for me”,  “it’s not the only good program out there”. Have you ever been rejected, called names, or even lost friendships over something you believed in strongly? It can hurt and it can shut you down.

Several years ago we had one interaction with a colleague that hurt my husband so badly that he literally quit that “selling” part of his job for many, many years. This person was irritated by what we were “selling” and verbally made it known. My husband was wounded and he allowed pride to take on a SPIRIT OF OFFENSE.

The Spirit of Offense is a tool by Satan to trap and hold you from all that God wants you to do and to be. It stops you from serving others, helping, or selling something you know is proven to change people’s lives.  The words of one person shut him down from helping hundreds and probably thousands of people.

The Definition of Offenses: From the Greek “to put a stumbling block in the way, cause to be caught (or) fall away, be led into sin, offend, anger, shock”.

Offense is like an automatic weapon. Once you pull the trigger, it keeps firing. – Kathy DeGraw

Offense are seeds that once planted are fertilized by ego and pride and grow into some horrific weeds in our lives including fear, doubt, anger, resentment, distrust, and blanket opinions.

The reality is we are not going to stop offenses coming our way but we must know what to do when they do happen:

1. Recognize the seeds that was planted

2. Forgive right away: The harboring of unforgiveness in our lives can cut off our connections to the Holy Spirit and can delay God’s perfect plan for our lives.

3. Search your heart: Seeds of Offense can turn into deep roots that we may not even be conscious of.  Searching your heart for areas of offense, unforgiveness, ego and pride can turn up these deep roots.

4. Turn to God’s Word: Ask God to reveal scripture, verses, or prayers to pray over these hidden GIANTS in your life. Ask Him to uproot these monsters with the Spirit of FORGIVENESS that He gave us and you freely give to others. “Forgive us our debts as we forgive others.”

5. Heal: In some cases you may find complete deliverance and freedom after an act of true forgiveness and other times healing will be a process.

After attending one of those programs I like to sell I found out I had been harboring some deep seeded anger and resentment against some leaders who crookedly embezzled a company I love.  It had been 9 years and I thought I had forgiven them and moved on.  But apparently I hadn’t and during this seminar God ordained an awakening to the fact that I hadn’t forgiven them.

When I truly forgave them this newfound freedom and lightness came over me and I still have it weeks later. Oddly I became more comfortable, outgoing, and self-assured in group settings too. It was really weird and showed me how unforgiveness and the Spirit of Offense can affect so many areas of our life.


So back to my original story. See this picture of my brother in law and his beautiful family.  When you watch the video below you will hear all the changes that happened for David after attending that program I “sell” too much. One of which was how God moved his heart from never wanting any more children to seeking God’s plan for his family. When this video was taken, little did we know that his beautiful wife Samantha was already pregnant.

The program is called First Steps to Success and recently my “selling” has caused some backlash to point where I considered backing down and not sharing so much.  I have had a lot of opportunity for the Spirit of Offense to take hold of me…  but I won’t let it.  Because it’s not about me… it’s about the peoples’ lives that will be changed because I share.

No one leaves a First Steps to Success without being changed. They offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. So how about you? Are you ready to experience a change? Are you ready to learn more about things that are holding you back? I feel blessed if you made it to the end of the article and didn’t shut down or walk away from something that could literally transform your life like it did for David. Please consider it. I have 1 ticket left to the next First Steps to success training, and possibly the only ticket if it’s sold out by the time you read this. Give me a call 315-836-2014 ext. 1. Let’s learn and grow together.

God Bless you my friend,
Mary Starr Carter

A message from David

Skin time caleah and david

Caleah is such a blessing to us and we’re doing great (I guess after 4 babies you start to know what to do!).  I attached a picture of her and I have our first skin on skin time last night 🙂 As I had everyone gathered around last night at the house for dinner I was recounting the story of how I was so against another child and Samantha’s longing for one.

Whenever people used to ask me about more children I was adamant that the only way we were having another child is if God himself changed my mind…. funny how God works isn’t it?  So for the past 9 months I have been faithful to give God the glory and now I have an opportunity to explain how much God has done in my life and how he has changed me from the inside out to give me a heart for another little blessing.