5 Tips That Help Me Keep The Witch Momma Away


Do you know about the Witch Momma? You know, the mom who is all calm and cool one minute and the next is screaming at the kids. Or maybe the mom who constantly is yelling for children and husband to help her do this or do that. Or the mother who has NO PATIENCE and the family feels like they are walking on eggshells around her. Do you know this mom?

Well I know this WITCH Momma all too well lately. I AM her lately. She seems to come out during stressful times of the day. When we are getting ready to go somewhere and are late, when 3pm rolls around and I have kids who won’t take their nap or at the end of the day when I have a mountain of dishes and 2 more hours of work to do. I can feel my blood pressure rise, my heart race and my mood SWITCH.

How about you, do you know this Momma?


Well I am sorry if you know her personally, but I have learned some simple tips that will help you keep the Witch Momma away.

1. Balance Hormones: I suspected that the Witch Momma had to do with hormones fluctuating since I saw her a lot while I was pregnant and then after my baby was 5 months old and I started getting my period again. A helpful article on Hormone Balance. I got on Progessence Plus Serum and it really started to make a difference in my mood immediately. It does take some time to get yourself balanced but it is very important and worth it.

2. Exercise 30 plus minutes a day: Walking on my treadmill in the morning for 30 minutes helps me stay positive and happy throughout the day. I am more patient with my children, nicer to my husband, focused when I am working, energized and overall happier. I did find that 15-20 minutes was good if I didn’t have time but 30 minutes at a pace of 2.8-3.5 seems to create the most happy hormones, energy and endurance for me.

3. Chiropractic makes a huge difference in my clarity and mood. Because of my work, babies and life, getting a spinal adjustment every 3 weeks helps me the most. I notice that after an adjustment, my pain is reduced, my breathing and mental clarity improved and happiness increased. It may sound weird but I know from all the years of studying the anatomy and physiology of our body that a Chiropractic adjustment can produce “happy hormones” and positively affect our nervous system.

4. Stress Reduction Sessions: How we deal with stress is SOOOO important. Everyone has it in their life but how we deal with it can be life giving or life taking. Stress reduction can include exercise, a massage, a walk, sitting in nature, a drive or a quiet trip to the bathroom. My favorite stress reducer is something called “Total Relaxation Session” with Jeannie Poyneer.

Women have to realize that taking time for themselves and exercise is so important. It is not only good for your health but it is a stress reliever.  I have suffered from multiple stress related conditions including Bell’s Palsy. I have a stressful job and life and Zumba and exercise helped me feel the best I have felt. – Dawn T

5. Aromatherapy: When we smell a smell, it goes directly to the part of our brain called the limbic center or the emotional center. Research shows smells can have a direct effect on our moods, including calming, mood elevating and alertness.

Peppermint has been found to increase alertness. Lavender has been used for its calming affects. And citrus oils have been used to help elevate moods.

My favorite oil to calm the Witch Momma is Stress Away oil. It is an essential oil blend by Young Living Essential Oils with lime, vanilla and other great essential oils. I just roll it on my wrists, chest and neck and it calms me almost instantly.

I know what you are going to say now… you are going to give me EXCUSES. I don’t have time. I don’t have the money. I can’t. I am not too tired…

I know I had all those excuses myself. But we have to put those excuses away and start making the time, finding the money and pushing ourselves to make time for SELF CARE. Because really that is what it is. When we make time, budget monies for and find help for our babies so we can have SELF CARE, it is AMAZING how much better we feel, how much more we can accomplish and how more healthy we are.

In my house I had to enlist my husband to partner with me so that I could have time in the mornings to work out. I ask my grandma or even pay for a sitter so I can go to the Chiropractor or relaxation session kids free. Most of my essential oils like Stress Away I can get FREE every month with my Young Living membership and rewards program.

I am not saying it’s easy. My husband saw almost immediately that giving me that time in the morning made me happier and better throughout the day. That made him want to help me more and encourage me to get a sitter or help when I needed it for self care. And of course essential oils are diffusing throughout our home all day long making everyone’s moods better.

If you want to keep the WITCH MOMMA away, follow the 5 tips above. If you would like to know more about Progessence Plus Serum or getting Stress Away essential oil or my other favorite essential oils at wholesale prices email info@starrhealth.com. I look forward to helping you get healthy and happier.

For you Total Wellness,

Dr. Mary Starr Carter


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