• Dj2me55

    Sugar sure can be our enemy. I added water, sulfurzyme and peppermint before I retired and no side effects.

  • Twomeyjordan17

    i never knew how much sugar was unhealthy but during my pregnancy i noticed if i drank water throughout the day i didnt crave chocolate as much.

  • Ellen

    I am learning to add more protein to my diet to combat any sugar craving or overload.”

  • Verda

    What an excellent suggestion to eat a protein such as Greek Yogurt to combat sugar’s effects.

  • Debbie

    I increased my water prior to and after having some sugar and it made a huge difference.

  • Poodi999

    I ahve added coconut oil to my diet and found amazing results.

  • Jordan

    I took Dr Mary’s advice and replaced some candy with cheese and had no bad hangover this time

  • Ajinimoto

    Lol. This whole week, I had to wake up really early for exams. Ironically, the school admins, while probably knowing that we would come out of the exams starving and with little time for lunch before resuming class schedules, shut down all the vending machines, and there were no other food sales I had access to and little time to even pack something. As a result, I got my energy from loads of candies and stuff…. ;A;

    This was helpful, thanks…. All the other results for my search on this topic resulted in awkward help-for-bingers-type advice… ^^

  • Dchild45

    Sugar Hangover!!! The other day I had toooooo much sugar and I found myself trembling inside and of course I was VERY upset with myself for not being able to stop. I looked at my husband and said (talking very fast) that I was on a servere sugar “buzz” and laughed even though I certainly didn’t like it! I went to my Young Living Essential Oil rack and grabbed the Ocatea oil and started dripping a drop under my tongue every 5 mins. after just 2 drops my body was back to normal. What a blessing!

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      I am with you on this one….  i didn’t have Octea when I was at the Drive inn eating Peanut butter M&Ms but I had enzymes and Common Sense oil that stopped the sugar high and the desire to eat more… LOL 

  • Great suggestions  The coconut oil and enzymes are new suggestions to me even though I have both  Thank you

  • marie

    when you have a sugar attack do you have the possibilitie to through up?

    • marystarr

      yes … 

  • Cocolove

    Very informative and helpful.
    Is it safe to tie the alkaline everyday or only when consuming sugar and alcohol?
    But what can you do to recover from a sugar crash -no energy,etc?

    • durangobrat

      We actually have a coral calcium sachet that we use on a daily basis that is amazing… so many people have seen fantastic results. I have friends that are diabetic and have cut their insulin levels in half because of this product. Not only does it raise the ph level in the water but it adds trace minerals as well. Plus its great for those involved in sports. 🙂

    • Dr Mary Starr

      Yes you can take Alkalime everyday several times a day. As far as the no energy, SUPER B’s B Vitamins http://www.thetotalwellnessdoc.com/why-you-should-nourish-your-body-with-super-b-before-it-calls-911/

  • katie

    Thank you for answering the question. I have gone to 10 websites so far which all basically just say don’t eat sugar. Yours actually tells you what to do if you think you ate too mucg sugar. WOnderful site. Much appreciated!

    • Dr Mary

      Katie, you are welcome. Yes these tips do help. Just ask my husband after Sundays Fathers day cookie splurge…LOL

  • Sandra Simpson Magoon

    Hello!! I am looking forward to doing all these. I’ve had a great deal of acid, inflammation, and very much weight gain, constipation from the indigestion and terrible bloat. Tried a few things and have had a few tests done. Have terrible sugar addiction since last Oct all my eating change for the bad.. 🙁

  • bigboi

    but wat if ur a type 1 diabetic the is insline dependent. Witch one of these would help the most?

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