• love my citrus oils

  • Ellen Barbagallo

    I love the lemon, orange and grapefruit oils! I will be taking a capsule every morning with my V6 oil for weight loss and to maintain. Thanks Mary:)

    • marystarr

      Remember to drink plenty of water ! : ) it will help the oils work better.

      • Ellen Barbagallo

        yes I try Mary:)

  • Found this information very helpful. I have been using Grapefruit oil and Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil applied topically to suggested area’s for just over a week and I am noticing a difference.

    Also, been drinking Lemon in my water 5-10 drops a day and noticing more regular bowl movements.

    • marystarr

      WAy to go Mary and BetterLivingEssentials!

  • kst6

    How do I access the password protected material on the website? Thank you.

  • Autumn

    Hello, how can we see this article? It is password protected. Please let us know. Thank you.