Are You In Prison?

I woke up from a really disturbing dream and was about to go journal it when I heard my inner voice say you need to share it. I had a dream that woke me up sobbing. At first I thought, “Well it's just a dream” but when you look a little deeper maybe it's wasn’t… 

I had a dream that this really mean person who didn't like me and tried to do mean stuff got me arrested and put in jail. This jail was secret and no one knew I was in it, not my husband, not my family, no one really but me. There were other people in the jail even little kids. Some tried to escape but most of the time would end up back in the jail.  

Then in the dream I realized that I could escape but was too scared to do it.  I had gotten comfortable in prison. Sounds weird I know… Then I also realized that the person who put me in jail had changed over time from that mean person to my mom.  But how would I escape?  Then I heard a voice say forgiveness; you need to forgive the people who put you in this prison.  So I started saying and praying “I forgive them” and saw the reflections of the people I needed to forgive.  As I did this I just started weeping and weeping.

Lastly I saw all the ways I had kept myself in bondage and was mad at all the bunny trails I went down just so I wouldn’t have to break out and be free. I heard a voice again say, “Forgiveness, you need to forgive yourself.”

WOW what a dream huh? I woke up sobbing I was so affected by it. But it doesn’t surprise me since this past week I was working with my Mindset coach, PJ McClure, on patterns of self sabotage and where they come from.  I had just had 3 conversations over the weekend with friends and we were talking about how people instill a spirit of fear in kids and if that bondage is not broken, they grow up to be adults with anxiety, worry, and usually stay stuck in situations or jobs that are much less than their true calling.

What does this mean for you?  Well ask yourself what kind of prisons you are in. Are you afraid to do something more with your life? Are you afraid to go back to school, chase that dream of fill in the blank, do what you have always wanted to, or go live in a foreign country? Whatever it is I am here to tell you and pray with you that you don’t have to live in bondage anymore. Get at the roots of your bondage.

Now this may seem a little deep and weird but hear me out.  

Here is a Bondage Breaking Formula:

1) Identify the prison you are in. (WARNING you may have many)

2) Recognize what put you in there. Beth Moore in her book “Get Out of the Pit” shares that we can be pushed in a pit (our prison) by other people, we can fall in a pit maybe by circumstances or a few poor choices compiled on top of each other, or we can just jump right in by our own choice.

3) Understand you were not made to live there.  It can be easier and too comfortable to stay prison versus living free. (Sadly I see really talented young people who seem to feel more at home in the system then outside it.) Most people were never raised with life.  

What do I mean by that? I mean that words of encouragement, positive role models, or praise are good but my belief is if we read our Bibles we would read God’s true calling on our lives.  We would read words of life. If we really read, understood and believed the words GOD gave us, we would know how to avoid the prison and how to get out when we are there.  

4) Ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness of your captors (no need to do this in person if you can do it in your heart), forgiveness of yourself, and forgiveness from God.  If you have trouble with the first two, ask God to help you forgive.

I would like to tell you that this is a one time thing but it is not. It will usually take many times because of all the layers of junk. Occasionally, God will give you instant deliverance but in both methods it feels like losing a whole lot of weight. You just start feeling lighter. You feel like this burden is just off of you.  Some lose weight or forgive slowly, some can do it quickly but we all can do it.  

5) Release the spirit of bondage and fear.  Again this might sound weird but my belief or thinking is there are yucky little demonic forces that can get attached to us and speak junk about ourselves right into our minds. It’s kind of like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on another.  These attachments can be heavy, “you’re stupid, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks, you can’t do that you are a girl”.  They definitely want to keep you for being all you were made to be.

So how do you release these bondages? Well again my belief is we pray to bind them and cast them back to the pit of Hell where they belong…. But always use the name of Jesus Christ. Even if you are not a Christian, you will see the power of using the name of Jesus Christ far surpasses anything you can do.

6) Now this exercise is not complete because we finally have to fill that space or void (cover the pit) or we will find ourselves possibly in a worse pit than before. I recommend filling that void and covering that old wound with the power of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus.  

As Christians, Jesus left us the power of the Holy Spirit that is WAY underused. The Holy Spirit can give us patience, self control and peace, when our lives seem like a mess and out of control.  The Blood of Jesus, your belief that Christ died for our sins and for the people who put us in prison, can cover your wounds and hurt no matter how old. This is a really important step and if you don’t have Christ and the Holy Spirit in your life you really may want to ask him into your life.  Just give Him your heart, your mind, body and soul and you will see HUGE changes in your life.

Lastly I want to share with you one more secret weapon in breaking free of bondage and breaking out of prison. The Bible gives over 188 references to anointing, essential oils, and plant medicinal used to empower, heal, and increase your spiritual connection.  God made these plants and essential oils but why are we not using them today? When you do the entire Prison Breaking free exercise I am going to recommend you anoint the whole process with pure essential oils.   

Specifically, I recommend to start with the oil of Valor, a beautiful blend of Frankincense, Spruce, Blue Tansy and more oils which when inhaled, helps tell your brain to calm, your body to be at peace, and it tells your spirit to be courageous and strong.   

Take 2-4 drops of Valor in your hand and rub your hands together, inhale the oil, apply to your shoulders, heart and feet holding your hands for 10 or more seconds in each area as you relax and feel the oils going in.   

Valor is important to use every morning before you start your day as well as before you start a Bondage Breaking exercise.  

Next is another Bondage Breaking oil called Transformation.  This oil has a whole bunch of single essential oils blended together like Sandalwood and Frankincense.  These oils were used during biblical times and can be just as beneficial today especially when you are using pure oils like in Transformation.  

Take 2 to 4 drops of Transformation in your hand and rub your hands together, inhale the oil, apply to your shoulders, belly, feet and anywhere else you feel you need it. Keep inhaling the oil as you go through the exercise in Steps 1 to 6.  

Finally I would say don’t be afraid.  Give yourself grace because God has given it to you.

I love and appreciate your courage and determination to be the best you can be. If you feel like sharing your breakthroughs, I would love to hear them.  To share publically, comment below but if you would like to privately message me email at Put in the subject line BREAK FREE.

Remember all of this is for your Total Wellness! God Bless your success,

 Dr. Mary Starr Carter
 Starr Health Ministries

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  • Lori

    So many more layers to peel off.  I realized I can still have sprouts while continuing to break free.  Now, where’s my Valor oil–Hello, God?