• 72 grams a day of carbs, that’s it, prescribed by wolfgang lutz MD, will maintain a perfect level of  blood sugar.  People still worship the whole grain like a god!

    • Thank you Dr. Lisa for sharing that.  As another mommy raising a little man you know the importance of feeding our kids right from the start.  I am sure many of your clients ailments are from their diet.

  • Dj2me55

    This has been a struggle most of my life even when I was the “right” size. Thanks so much for this valuable information and the opportunity to follow a regime that has so much potential. Gotta run, Slique tea time

  • I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to notice the artificial sweeteners and such on the Biggest Loser!  Thankfully my soda addiction is gone but still working to figure out the right combination for my weight loss. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Dr. K

    Wow! such valuable information. So many times we overlook the little things, like eliminating drinks and foods that contain artifical sweetners. I have spoken with so many who have gained weight from prescription medicaton. Being able to share the benefits of Slique is wonderful

  • Verda

    As women this is a struggle we seem to face most of our lives for so
    many reasons, hormones, genetics, unhealthy eating habits, or
    inactivity. No matter the reason, the Time is Now.  
    Today’s blog is a first step for some of us to decide to follow a healthier regimen.

  • Dr. Mary Starr

    Dawn WAY TO GO…  And congratulations to Debbie for her 6lb Weight Release in the Slique Challenge

  • Serious00

    I’d have to disagree with the Diet Sodas point.  There is no conclusive evidence that Diet Sodas cause obesity or diabetes.  Some of the studies draw an incorrect conclusion because the subject group that typically drinks Diet Soda tend to already be overweight (as they’re trying to lose weight).  Speculation is that people tend to eat more when they have Diet Soda because they believe they can splurge more on food because they’re drinking a “diet” drink.  Disappointing that this site is spouting misinformation such as this.