Consistency Tips

… and $2000 in Essential oils for 5 Bucks plus a WIN RECIPE for your house

How was Easter? Do you celebrate Easter or rather Resurrection Day we like to call it in our house. Our daughter Sarah Grace’s birthday was this weekend so we had fun making the whole weekend special for her. She wanted a cake with pink flowers so against my better judgement I bought a Rainbow sprinkle cake and this chemical filled, artificially made pink cake writing stuff. Here is my results.


You can laugh at my art work if you want. The cake was over the top sweet and she couldn’t even finish one piece. My son on the other hand had too many pieces and the next morning woke up with an awful belly ache. He was really hurting so I rubbed some of my natural remedies on his belly which helped a little bit, then he was really hurting so I gave him a capsule full of my natural remedies and within 10 minutes he threw up once. Within 30 minutes no more stomach pain and 3 hours later he was out riding his bike and back to his old cheerful self. Puke gets a bad rap but I think it is the body’s way of getting rid of poisons. I believe my capsule of natural remedy helped the body wake up to what it had to do.

$2000 in Essential oils for 5 Dollars

Sounds too good to be true, but that is only because of two amazing women. Kathy Kouwe and Regina Pruitt. Kathy donated some very rare and precious Out of Stock Essential oil Kits to Regina Pruitt’s fundraiser. Regina has lived a miralce life with Cystic Fibrosis for 40 plus years and now is ready for a lung transplant. If you want to know more about this special fundraiser and how you can win 10 different Precious Rare Essential oils Kits visit our Facebook Event here for the details and how to Play to Win!

(Copy & paste this link into your browser if the one above doesn’t work:

Do it ASAP please and share with OILY Friends please. Regina is waiting and it’s getting very close to her transplant operation and she needs our support.

BOOTCAMP – Life, Business, Health, Homeschool

This week starts the beginning of my Homeschool Bootcamp. I am grateful for this inexpensive resource. I really struggle with consistency in many areas of my life. My business practices, my health habits, parenting, and now homeschool. I am a good starter, get a plan, even organize and then something happens to get me off track and boom I am behind, off course, or feeling too overwhelmed to do anything. Does that happen to you? Or do you get distracted by the next new shiny business program or trainer, new curriculum, new eating plan and never do anything enough to see if it will work. Here is my tip to you from this week’s Bootcamp Message:

“Until you have tried something consistently for a period of time in a consistent way you have no idea if it works….. “

Consistency and sticking to it will allow you to gather enough data not only to see if something works but to solve problems too.


Pick one thing from one area you struggle in and do it consistently all week. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Health:
    • Drink ________ oz of water every day.
    • Walk 15 minutes everyday.
    • Bring your lunch everyday this week.
    • Diffuse and breathe in your favorite Essential oils 15 minutes a day.
  • Work/Business:
    • Eat the Frog and do the one thing on your TO DO List that is the hardest.
    • Set your work hours this week and stick to them.
  • Finances:
    • Do a menu plan for the week and grocery shop those foods only.
    • Skip getting coffee, sodas, or drinks this week.
    • Have a budget meeting with your spouse or loved one this week.
  • Parenting or Homeschooling:
    • Smile at your kids a lot this week even when they frustrate you.
    • Encourage your kids 10 times more than you correct them.
    • Speak words of LIFE over them daily… (even if those things are not true yet) YOU ARE BRILLIANT READER, YOU ARE SO KIND, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD, GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL

Now remember pick one thing… don’t overwhelm yourself. Just one DO-ABLE thing this week and let me know what it is in the comments.


If you follow me on Instagram drmarystarr you might be able to tell I like to cook. I do my best to cook healthier options and get my kids involved too. This week we had a epic Failure of gluten free Bananna Bread (which still got eaten) and an EPIC WIN.

Here is the WIN Recipe Video it’s a Delicious Egg Frittata (which is like a quiche without the crust)

The actual recipe and measurements will be in the Description of the Video. I used Chicken Sausage and it was great. Also go light on the Basil if you have kids, it’s a bit spicy!

Here is mine:

Spiritual Life

Lastly let’s talk about your Spiritual Life. How is yours? Do you have one just on the weekends but the rest of the week forget about it?

This Easter Sunday we went to our new church we finally decided on here in Silicon Valley. We have been attending regularly for about a month and God has really spoke wisdom to us each week. This week we were shoved into the pews as our church was maxed out with people. About 30% of those attending were here on this special and important Holiday. But I also felt something else in my spirit. I also felt that many are searching for something greater than themselves. In an area of the world where some of the smartest, wealthiest, and most successful people live these individuals are recognizing that they will never be enough. They will never have enough, be successful enough, give enough to be fulfilled. Because true Joy, PEACE and FULFILLMENT don’t come from our WORKS but from our Father in Heaven.

Are you searching for that Peace, Joy and Fulfillment in your life? What if I told you that all those are possible to have in your life no matter what your life circumstances are. It’s true… You might enjoy this message from the New Year by Steven Furtick

Word of God Weekly Verses

I would like to start learning a Bible Verse weekly because I know the power of these words especially when spoken and prayed. They give us life, protection, healing and so much more. Even when we don’t believe in our conscious minds yet for something like healing, peace, restoration just praying/saying the Words can change and ReNEW your mind, heart, and life. So here is this weeks. Print it out, write it on sticky notes, write it with dry erase markers on your mirrors.

This verse is said a lot of different ways depending on what version of the bible you read. I am going to keep things simple for me and my kids to remember. You do what is best for you.

“The Lord is my Strength, my Shield from every danger. I trust in Him with all my Heart”
Psalm 28:7 (NLT)

I pray that you have an amazing week, month and year. Until we talk again you are in my prayers. God bless you mightily;

Mary Starr Carter
The Total Wellness Doc and Mom