Help Regina Pruitt

Thanks for your concern this week. It was a little scary here in California. Starting with last weekend we got the worst storm of the decade they said. Because of flight cancellations I missed my Mommy weekend retreat to Young Living’s Beauty School. I was bumming but it all worked out. Then we had terrible flooding here in San Jose and 14,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Homelessness is already a huge thing around here. Because housing is so costly families and individuals can find themselves living in vehicles, in RV’s and campgrounds because they can’t afford to rent or own a home. It is sad. My husband and I realize how very blessed we are in more ways than financially.

Health is another way we realize how blessed we are. I haven’t had to take any drug or over the counter medicine in 17 years. My kids have never had an antibiotic or drug store medicine, and the only drug my husband has used in the past decade is aspirin. In contrast this woman Regina Pruitt has been on medications most of her life. She has Cystic Fibrosis a genetic disorder effecting the lungs. Most CF patients do not live past their late 20’s but Regina has beaten all the odds she is 43 years old. She has two precious boys her youngest about to graduate high school, she went to school to be a Physician’s assistant and has worked part time in the field, she has an awesome husband, and she is in amazing shape. But all of her life she has had to live on many many different drugs, she has been in an out of the hospital hundreds of times and because of some of the drugs she takes it makes her more susceptible to other side effects and diseases which sadly leads to more medicines. She has no choice about taking drugs they keep her alive…. But many of us do have a choice.

What do you mean Mary, you might be saying. I am saying that 80% of the prescription drugs that are taken legally are due to our lifestyle choices. Things that we choose to do or not to do are causing our illness. We have a choice to do things that will add to our health or subtract from it. I guess to a point Regina does too, but she chooses to exercise and stay strong and as healthy as she can…. But her reality still insists that she take drugs to live.

I am not writing this to make you feel bad about your weight, smoking, drinking etc. I am writing this to ask for your help. See we have a choice…. Regina doesn’t she needs 2 new lungs or she will die soon. Can you help me support Regina’s quest to get two new lungs. She is on the donor transplant list for new lungs. There out of pocket costs will run anywhere from 75,000 – 100,000 not including missed work and income. They have a You Caring Fund set up at to try to raise the funds. We also have an ESSENTIAL OIL FUNDRAISER going on until March 6th.

Monday February 27th 830pm CENTRAL TIME we have a Fun Essential oils Training Class with lots of giveaways for those who attend live.

Wednesday March 1st 830pm Central time we have An ESSENTIAL OIL BIDDING Challenge that will go on for approximately 1 hr. There will be lots of great Young Living Essential oils, Essential oil books, and Aromatherapy Jewelry.

All profits made from selling Essential oils, and the Oil Bidding will go to the You Caring Fund. We also have a donor who will MATCH $1000 of what we raise…. WAHOO!!!

I believe in Regina. As a doctor of Wellness I see the determination and actions that she has done make her an excellent candidate to receive her lungs and live a full life. I am blessed to have gotten to know her a little bit better and be inspired by her positive attitude, gratitude, and love for life. I know you will be blessed to if you help and get to know her.

So to help go to and Click on GOING to this EVENT and help us by participating, buying or bidding on essential oils, or go directly to Regina’s You Caring fund and donate

I love and appreciate what this community can do for each other.

God Bless your Week.

Mary Starr Carter

The Total Wellness Doc and Mom