Nutritional Ways of Losing Weight

My mom before the Weight Release May 2010


I think as a kid I always understood that I was the biggest girl in the class.  I remember one of the most embarrassing experiences of my elementary school was the yearly weight checks at the nurses office.  I was 9 years old and weighed 100lbs.   Of course I was also the tallest and most developed for my age but still it was so hard to be big and school aged.  


When you are an adult and overweight it is still challenging but at least there are kids
constantly picking on you. Weight is a constant concern in our society. We spend billions on diets and things to lose it but unfortunatley we usually find it again.


If we lose it too quick the chances of it staying off are slim to none.  My close friend has lost 100lbs 5 times and 50 lbs 7 times.  How did she do it?  She traded one addiction for another … exercise or food obession. 


As a Wellness Coach and a woman who has struggled to release weight and keep it off I recommend slow lifestyle changes over rapid weight loss. In fact I don't recommend releasing more than a few lbs or less a week. The body has to slowly change. Your brain has to change. You hormones need to change. Your family needs to change. That is right! The most successful weight loss and keeping it off clients have family support.

Above was an example of my mom 7 months ago. Since then she has released 30lbs. How did she do it? With nutrition and food changes. She supplemented her diet with a high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich taste great drink 4 times a day. She added it to her water so she got more water in her diet too. This juice called NingXia Red gave her the nutrition to change her body's desire for a lot of sugars and carbs. In fact my mom says; “I also did Weight Watchers but I know it was the NingXia Red that stopped my cravings and gave me the energy to get through my days.”


30lbs later she is still using that nutrient and antioxidant drink NingXia Red to keep her healthy and strong. With nothing artificial or caffeines she is on track for releasing another 30lbs in the next year.

If you are serious about changing your health and releasing weight like my mom. The join us

My Mom after 30lbs of weight release…




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  • MariAnnLisenbe

    Always love hearing about someone releasing excess weight.  And.,., my goodness, you sure look like your mom!

  • Linda

    WTG Mom!  I love reading stories such as this.  Gives us motivation to continue with healthy eating and exercise.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Dawn Wilkerson

    I am going to take NingXia Red consistently for 30 days, a minimum of 4 oz a day. I gave up my Mountain Dew and most drinks period other than water so maybe this will help me stay away from Apple Juice which is what I go to know when i want something different to drink.

  • Aesha

    I am going to do Ningxia Red consistently for 30 days! I just had a baby & gained 50 lbs during the pregnancy! YIKES! I’ve lost weight already due to breastfeeding but I want a healthy way to finish the rest! 

  • Dr Mary

    Way to go Aesha and Dawn! 

  • Nancy

    I’m going to use 3oz. of NingXia Red daily for 30 days.

  • Teps78

    At the end of the Fun Wintertime Contest.  I have been drinking Slique Tea and adding grapefruit oil to it.  Adding grapefruit oil also to my water.  Have also been doing NR.  My “cravings” for food have gone by the wayside and along with exercise I have managed to lose 26 lbs!  Dropped 2 pants sizes!  I haven’t been this thin in years!  I will continue my regimen until I reach my goal of 50 lb weight release!    I have also been using the Cel-Lite Magic massage oil to help my skin.  As also suggested I bought a body brush!  Thank you, Dr Mary, for giving me the push I needed to get healthy!!

  • http://Dr.MaryStarr Laura rose

    how did you do it?

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