The Middle Miles of your Health Recovery of Health Program

The Middle Miles of your Health Recovery of Health Program

By Dr. Mary Starr Carter

Remember when you start a new exercise program or a diet plan how you are so excited in the beginning.  You are motivated, committed and you feel like nothing is going to stop you. The same thing happens for many of our clients when they start a Wellness Coaching. Once we find some answers and make some changes most everyone will FEEL BETTER.  And then time goes by and they are still feeling 30-60% better than before but then they hit what I like to call the MIDDLE MILES. 


The Middle Miles can be found in Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Recovery, any type of Rehab, Exercise Programs, and Diet Plans.  They are this period of time when the newness and excitement goes away, boredom and weariness might set in, and we can easily lose our focus and fall off track.  It is a time for Fibromyalgia Recovery where you can have forgotten how you could barely walk up the stairs without having to take a nap afterwards and now that you have some energy you are frustrated you don't have more.    You may even feel like you are going backwards because you are not getting well fast enough.   In the Middle Miles of a Diet or Exercise Plan you may get bored or something happens that throws you off track.   Things like you sprain an ankle, or your mother in law comes to visit for a month and these are your excuses to not exercise or not eat according to your plan.  But I am here to tell you …. the MIDDLE MILES can be the FUN and FABULOUS.  Here are 5 tips to stay on Track with your health. 


1)   Give Yourself Grace.    I understand that you may need to see the Chiropractor every week or eat certain foods at specific times of day, or exercise a certain routine every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, but life will happen expect it too. And when you can't do those things Give yourself some Grace. Be lenient with yourself and don't beat yourself up.   Just shake the dust from your shoes and move on.  No one is perfect and you won't be either.

2)   Make it FUN.  Although things like Colon Cleansing, Yeast Free Diets, or P90X programs may not sound fun your attitude and some simple planning could make them fun.  If you like to cook pick up some new cookbooks for Yeast Free eating or your eating plan and go to town. Invite friends to join you or be your team mate on your health program.  If you are cleansing and in the bathroom alot set up your favorite show reruns on your smart phone, or book on tape. 

3)   The Middle Miles need  REWARDS.  Some of us are motivated by the Challenge and Prize, others by the Fun and Friends, others by the Good they feel.  Whatever your motivation decide what REWARDS you will get in the Middle miles and stick too it.  For example, some clients who are on restrictive eating programs will make sure they have a massage of Raindrop Technique planned for their Middle miles every week or every couple of weeks.  Some clients allow themselves 1 FREE meal a week or 1 FREE day a month.  A FREE day is a day where they can eat whatever they want with NO GUILT.   It could be a pedicure or the purchase of a book you have wanted to read.  For us mommies it could be a  5 hours of Solitude, or a Day at the SPA.  Just Remember Rewards need planning.

4)   Use Aromatherapy:  Studies show that the sense of smell has a direct connection to our emotional center. This means when you smell certain smells they can make you happy. So oils like Peace and Calming or Joy oil can be used as a perfume so you smell a feel great throughout the day.  Or Peppermint could be diffused in the kitchen if you are on a diet.  Peppermint has been scientifically proven to tell your brain your full. 

5)   Expect Success:  Sometimes when I consult with a chronically ill client, someone who has been sick for many years or months and has tried everything they have an attitude that “this is not going to work”.   I have to deny clients consulting because I know if they think in their minds this is not going to work then it is not going to work for them.   So no matter how many times you have tried other weight loss programs, or exercise classes, or supplements to get out of pain DON'T GIVE UP, and DON'T EXPECT FAILURE.


So remember plan for the middle miles.  No that you are going to lapse but when you do have Grace and get back up.  Have specific Rewards that will help you Stay on Track. Make it Fun to be in the Middle miles and use things like Aromatherapy.   And lastly expect and have an attitude of Success.

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    Expectation that is what needs reaffirmation. It is too easy to vive up at this point.