Maintain a Healthy Brain with 10 Essential Oils

Our brain is like a central command center of our whole being, telling every part of our body what they need to do. It controls how we feel, think, learn, do and move. Without you and I being aware of its millions of transmissions throughout the day, our brain is working really hard. It’s even working when we are asleep.

Brain health is extremely important. It controls all the functions of our body, sends messages to our nervous system that runs throughout the body and to all our organs.

How is your brain health?

There is no way out, as we age, our brain may get worn out or all of life’s challenges may place the brain in overload mode. There are many ways to boost our brain health and mental power.

Here we are going to show you some of the essential oils that could help you maintain and boost your brain to optimum capacity and help you perform well at work and play, feel happier and even have self acceptance and love for others.

Essential Oil Blends:

One: Brain Power for focus, brain boost and clarity

Brain Power is a blend of sandalwood, blue cypress and frankincense essential oils. The Reference Guide for Essential Oils compiled by Connie and Alan Higley said this about Brain Power:

Those oils are high in sesquiterpene compound, which plays a role in dissolving petrochemicals which helps increase oxygen around the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Which lead to increased mental capacity, mental clarity and reduced symptoms of brain fog.

A recent report by CBS News quoted: Along with hot flashes and night sweats, memory problems are a common complaint of menopausal women and new study finds evidence that menopause “brain fog” may be real.

The research brought clues that as women go through changes in their bodies through menopause, the brain is undergoing a transitional phase as well.

Here is a testimonial:

I am a woman near the 50′s and I been notice that suddenly forget this and that, and that happens more and more often, I have been using BRAIN POWER, one drop spread in the bottom of my feet from time to time and thanks to BRAIN POWER my brain is getting better and better, now I can barely forget something. I feel in very good shape, of course speaking of my brain, I hope this can help someone, thanks. -Maria L. from Texas

Action: Diffuse in the air, apply to neck, throat or wear as perfume. My favorite place for Brainpower is the back of the neck right on the hairline and into those two bumps at the bottom of our head (subocciptals). I will even put it on the reflexes points for the brain on the feet of the big toe. You can really feel the difference in just a few minutes.

Two: Clarity for clear mind and mental alertness

To curb fatigue and drowsiness and restore mental alertness, use Clarity. It contains basil, rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

Here is a testimonial:

If your brain needs to be sharp through the day, apply Clarity on the temples, behind the ears and brain stem.- Maya V. from California

Action: Diffuse or inhale directly or apply to cotton balls, hands or tissue. I will even put this on tissues in my car and stuff them in the vents.  I turn on the air and phewww a sensation of ALERTNESS comes over me.

Three: Awaken to your potential and have a limitless mindset

Awaken is a blend of several blends and single oils like geranium and sandalwood essential oils formulated to awaken your hidden potential and step toward your calling and make positive changes.  Our potential cannot be awaken unless steps are taken to make changes in our lives. Awaken essential oil may help you to do just that.

Action: Diffuse or inhale directly. Because when we smell an oil, it goes directly to the limbic or emotional center of the brain so we can directly effect our emotional and I believe spiritual health.  The oils of the Bible were all high in sesqueterpines like Awaken and Brain Power.  I don’t think that was a mistake. God definitely knew what he was doing.

Four: Believe and move to a higher level of awareness

Believe is a blend of Idaho balsam fir, rosewood, and frankincense essential oils that help awaken your inner positive feelings and overcome feelings of despair. It promotes strength and faith.

Action: Diffuse or inhale directly or apply topically. The individual oils in this blend have been found to lower our stress hormone and increase our relaxation.  I use this oil in the car on long road trips when my husband gets anxious. It can turn road rage into a peaceful trip.

Five: Dream Catcher and stay on the path of fulfilling your visions and dreams

Just as its name, you want to catch your dreams before something negative snatches it away. These blended oils also enhance dreams, help visualize your visions and help you make them into reality. Set your brain to work for you, not against you.

Again these oils are scientifically studied for their ability to deepen relaxation and sleep.

Action: Diffuse or inhale directly. Can be applied topically with V-6 oil.

Essential Oil Singles:

Six: Peppermint for better results

During standardized testing, some schools encourage teachers to hand out mints to students for mental focus and alertness. Studies show that peppermint actually increased focus by 28%. Those minty candies can do some work. Can you imagine Young Living’s pure 100% peppermint essential oil? What can it do to children or adults who are going for a test or interview?

Here is a testimonial from a happy user:

Recently I started using Peppermint in the mornings, applying 1-2 drops in the palm of my hand rubbing it and applying it to the bottom of my feet, then cupping my hand over my nose and mouth (careful not to get it into my eyes) and inhaling it through mouth and nose. How invigorating and vibrantly refreshing. My brain fog was gone and I felt much more alert. – Gabrielle G. from Florida

Action: Inhale directly or apply topically or add a few drops to your water. Watch out, peppermint is strong but it really works!

Seven:  Rosemary for concentration

For top performance, mental clarity and focus. No more absent-mindedness or lack of concentration.

In my full time job, I have to speak in front of others alot in morning sales meetings. I get asked alot of questions after my presentation. I have found if I apply rosemary to my chakra points 1/2 hour before I go on, my head is much more clear, I feel focused and ‘in the zone’ to be able to respond to the audience. I also found rosemary extremely helpful in choir practice. I don’t read music so I have to really pay attention and concentrate on the music director. It has truly made practice easier because I find that I can focus on the music and not be frustrated about not being able to keep up. Thanks rosemary!-Korty C. from New Hampshire

Action: Diffuse, inhale directly, apply topically or take it as a dietary supplement.

Eight: Clary Sage to relax your mind

Traditionally used to rid menstrual discomfort, Clary Sage also relieves stress, relaxes the mind and balances moods. It also helps you have a restful sleep and enhance the ability to dream.

Want to dream big dreams? Try this oil.

Here is a testimonial:

For hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia, I use Clary sage for its hormone balancing ability. I dilute my clary, 15 drops of Clary Sage to 4ml of carrier oil. I keep this in a roll-on bottle by my bedside. Just one roll down the bottom of each foot and then a quick massage to work it in and I sleep through the night with no night sweats and no 2 am wake up. 

Clary Sage is a very effective oil and not much is needed to achieve the desired effect. Please note that Clary also enhances the sedative effects of alcohol and drugs so use extra sparingly if you must use these types of drugs. Yes, alcohol is a drug!- Diana W. from Florida

Action: Add to bath, diffuse or apply topically.

Nine: Lavender for your power sleep

Our brain works really hard when we don’t have enough sleep. No power sleep equals no brainpower. Sleep deprivation affects our brain function and performance. So if you are not having a good night’s sleep, you are lacking in many areas of your life and the deeper you settle with the lack of sleep, the more your mind might shut down.

Lavender essential oil refreshes, relaxes and has balancing properties to calm our mind and body.

Here is a testimonial:

I have been using the lavender essential oil every night one hour before bed to relax and help me fall asleep for the last six months. I put 2-3 drops on each foot. I am a very light sleeper so this oil really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. When I wake up in the morning I feel rested and like I got a full nights sleep. I have to say it’s the best sleep I’ve ever had since I’ve started this regime. – Stephanie L. from New Mexico

Action: Diffuse, inhale directly or apply topically.

Ten: Valor the Ultimate and Powerful

If you can only purchase three oils, Valor would be one of them. The empowering combination of spruce, rosewood, frankincense and blue tansy works both in the spiritual and physical parts of our body. It gives feelings of strength, confidence, courage, increases positive outlook, self-esteem and gives brainpower and focus.

Imagine this all in one oil can help align energy in your body and empowers your mind to reach the fullest potential. It is an oil to improve your mindset…aligning your body, mind and soul.

Here is a testimonial:

For 7 years I have gone to the same chiropractor at least every 2 weeks after several back injuries. Although I was doing quite well as far as movement and being free of pain, I was never ‘electrical’ when he tested me with kinesiology – much to his frustration!! One morning before my afternoon appt. I had used Valor on my feet – recalling that it is called ‘chiropractor in a bottle.’ 

When he tested me that afternoon, he was astounded that I was VERY electrical and he wanted to know what I had used or done. When I told him, he did not know anything about essential oils. He was so excited that he is now using it on himself, his wife, his office gal and several patients. 4 bottles so far! Any day now I hope to entice him to consider some others!- Donna B. from Florida

Have you lost your mind?
I’m losing my mind.
I can’t remember…

We say these words without giving much thought, yet there are over 25 million seniors, over 65 years old worldwide who are losing their minds…slowly suffering Alzheimer’s disease. There is no cure and there are many theories as to what causes the disease. The brain is degenerating where neurons and synapses, the key areas of the brain are damaged.

Here is a video by CBS news about Glen Campbell, one of the top American performers who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease:

Take care of your brain health. There are many Young Living Essential Oils to choose from depending on your budget, likes and needs.

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  • Dj2me

    I am never without my Clarity for my online work, Peppermint for clearing my brain and Lavender at night. I know how much age had affected my brain and these oils give me some “Power” back

  • Annettelanders

    I have been using the Brain Power Oil and Love it! My all time favorite on from this list is Valor! I dont go one day without that one! To me its just as routine as brushing my teeth.

  • Ebarbagallo

    What a great article and information!!  I love all the oils, but my favorite is Lavender and Peppermint:)  I will be trying the Brainpower for sure! 

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     I would never think of Clary Sage  for sleep,  I will have to try it.

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    What about common sense?

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