How to Avoid Getting Run Down

How to Avoid Getting Run Down?
By Dr. Mary Starr Carter


1) Sleep:  We all know it is important to get a good night's sleep.  6-8 hrs ideally with at least 4 hours uninterrupted. This means no bathroom tips, rollovers, sips of water, no nothing but REM sleep.
It's easy to get run down when you are sleeping regularly. If you are not getting good quality sleep or you know you won't be getting much sleep then plan a cat nap.  Take your lunch break outdoors in the sun with a blanket and a 20 minute snooze, or in your car with the seat back and your eyes closed. Don't worry what people think your body needs just a little bit of rest to help get you through the day.   
2) Plan Ahead:  Ever feel like chicken with their head cut off?  Running everywhere but getting no where.  If that's you it's important to carve out 10 minutes in your day to plan. Planning can help keep your cortisol "stress hormone" down and your energy up. Don't give me an excuse that you don't have time. Get yourself up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and get it done.  You will thank me later when your stress is less. 
3) Delegate: Stop thinking you can do it all, because you were not made to do all things.  In Proverbs 31 it talks of this amazing woman who is a mother, business owner, home maker, land owner, wife and more. But guess what she doesn't do it by herself it clearly states she actually had servants.  Now you may not be able to afford servants but you can delegate.  Can your friend grab some groceries for you?  Can you ask a High School student to come in and help you with laundry once a week?  I wrote about Support Systems before in 
Start implementing them today so you can avoid getting run down.
4) Drink Water Your fountain of energy and youth come from WATER.  That's right. Make sure you are drinking plenty of it, especially is stressful times.  Half your body weight in ounces.
5) Say No: Take responsibility for getting run down because you allowed yourself to get there.  Start saying no to obligations or jobs.  Make sure you know your #1 priority and goals so that when something comes up you can say Yes to those things that help you get to your goals and no to those that don't.
6) Supplement Nutrition:  A key factor in those who are sick and those who aren't.  My favorite #1 Keep me Healthy drink is called NingXia Red  Every single client who takes 2-4 oz a day always says how much more energy they have and how less often they get sick.  Try it for a month and see if you feel the difference.  If you don't we will give you your money back. 
7) Germ Fighters:  I use several different methods for germ fighting.1. Thieves Essential oil which when applied to the bottom of my feet everyday helps keeps my body strong.  2. Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier.  An absolute must when you travel and for the purse, especially if you have children.  3. thieves lozenges. My quote is "One Thieves lozenge a day keeps the doctor away".  4. Inner Defense an internal supplement which can be taken when you get sick 4 or more capsules a day and to prevent colds and flu by taking one a day. 
I am sharing all of this with you because I am lying in bed right now with a runny nose and slightly sore throat because I didn't listen to my own advice.  But after 5 Thieves Lozenges and 5 Inner Defense capsules today I am doing much better. I will put Thieves oil on my feet, back and neck along and should be better tomorrow.  I will let you know.   

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  • Dj2me

    While I am still working on stress and bad sleep patterns, I have a noticed a major difference in my immunity because of Ningxia red and adding good, clean water to my day. I am amazed how I feel with both and would not go a day without.

  • Wow! This is great advice. I need to print this article and post on my wall asa daily reminder.