God’s Forgotten Gift – healing with Essential oils

I recently have been working with Don Clair, one of the co-author’s of Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift. This is an amazing small group study with a DVD that reviews scriptures about healing and essential oils.  

Well recently I got to experience the power of God’s Forgotten Gift in FULL action. 

At 2pm on Tuesday July 31st at 1:45pm I was boiling water. I went to put a ladle in the pot of boiling water and it must have been cold because it popped and scared me so I pulled out the ladle quickly with boiling water which splashed all on the inside of my upper arm.  

Here are videos of my burns at 2pm and 4 hours later:


Ironically I just wrote about sunburns a few weeks ago. 

I have used many of the tips including Lavender directly on the burn, immediately on the burn, and every few minutes for the first 20 minutes using Lavaderm spray which cools burns. Another is Mineral Essence in water and high doses of nutrition.  Also, Young Living’s Lavender lotion, 1 teaspoon with 3 drops of Lavender and I also have added Copabia and Idaho Spruce just because I thought my body needed it.

Dr. Signee Hoffman wrote that her husband had been burned but wouldn’t let her come near the burn until a few hours later when the burn blistered and was very painful. I know for a fact that because of my IMMEDIATE response with the oils it stopped my skin from blistering. Today it just looks like  a sunburn. It is not painful and just is a little sensitive when I touch it.

But I have to remind everyone what I use is ONLY Young Living essential oils. Many oils of Lavender, even ones that say they are pure, are a hybrid Lavender called Lavadin and just labeled lavender.  Lavadin smells great but has a high level of camphor in it which would have made my burn really a lot worse.   
The oils of the Bible were not olive oil but pure therapeutic essential oils. Young Living essential oils has spent decades preserving and protecting pure oils so that we can use them as God intended for healing and anointing.   


Here is my Arm 19 days after being Burned.  I used the oils consistently for a week.  The second week there was a little redness and dry skin so I used the Lavender lotion on when I remembered maybe everyother day.  And this week (the 3rd week) I really forgot about it and haven't done anything.   

I truly believe that what I did with these oils took the severity of a 2nd degree burn and turned it into 1st degree more like a really bad sunburn. And the continuous use of Lavender and Lavender lotion for that week and then using it afterwards is what helped me heal so quickly. 

So go out and make sure you have these oils and Young Living products in your medicine cabinet.  If you don’t have a Young Living membership you can order them through Total Wellness at www.orderoils.com retail or purchase a membership for $40 and get the products wholesale.

Let me know when your medicine cabinet has Lavender, Lavaderm, and Lavender lotion in them by commenting below. BE PREPARED!  

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  • Djallen2008

    I do not have the lavaderm yet, but Lavander was one of my first oils and my lavender lotion should be here in a couple days. I have used lavender on burns before. It works better than anything you can buy in a store. I also use a spray bottle of water with lavender in it for sunburns. It takes the sting out instantly.

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      I will have to try the spray bottle with Lavender Deb.  Thanks for Posting. 

  • debbie

    all homes should have kits made up with Lavender and Lavaderm in them–for safety and comfort. Glad there was no blistering

  • Ellen

    Lavender was one of my very first oils.  It is amazing and can be used in so many different situations.So glad your burn is healing nicely and Lavender should be in everyone’s home for any situation at any time. 

  • Millerkellie

    Wow I too had a burn and was immediately releaved of the pain with YL Lavender but your burn was way more serious. Thanks for sharing and now I just need some Lavederm!

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      Pays to have Lavender around and yes I would suggest the Lavaderm too. 

  • Jaye

    I recently discovered YLEO and I absolutely love them.  I learn more about them everyday! Thanks for sharing.  I have all but the Lavederm…must check it out.

  • Donna G.

    I’ve had 3 burns in the past year, one last night where I singed my finger on a cookie sheet in a 450 degree oven. I used Lavaderm and Lavender and today, you can’t tell I burned it. Everyone should keep these on hand and get the word out, especially about Lavaderm.

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      3 Cheers for Lavender and Lavaderm 

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