• Djallen2008

    I do not have the lavaderm yet, but Lavander was one of my first oils and my lavender lotion should be here in a couple days. I have used lavender on burns before. It works better than anything you can buy in a store. I also use a spray bottle of water with lavender in it for sunburns. It takes the sting out instantly.

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      I will have to try the spray bottle with Lavender Deb.  Thanks for Posting. 

  • debbie

    all homes should have kits made up with Lavender and Lavaderm in them–for safety and comfort. Glad there was no blistering

  • Ellen

    Lavender was one of my very first oils.  It is amazing and can be used in so many different situations.So glad your burn is healing nicely and Lavender should be in everyone’s home for any situation at any time. 

  • Millerkellie

    Wow I too had a burn and was immediately releaved of the pain with YL Lavender but your burn was way more serious. Thanks for sharing and now I just need some Lavederm!

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      Pays to have Lavender around and yes I would suggest the Lavaderm too. 

  • Jaye

    I recently discovered YLEO and I absolutely love them.  I learn more about them everyday! Thanks for sharing.  I have all but the Lavederm…must check it out.

  • Donna G.

    I’ve had 3 burns in the past year, one last night where I singed my finger on a cookie sheet in a 450 degree oven. I used Lavaderm and Lavender and today, you can’t tell I burned it. Everyone should keep these on hand and get the word out, especially about Lavaderm.

    • Dr. Mary Starr

      3 Cheers for Lavender and Lavaderm