Do You Have A Big Dream?

big dream

Do you have a Big Dream?

I mean a dream bigger than getting out of debt and acquiring a lot of stuff.

Not a dream to win the lottery, but a dream that is the result of the work YOU do? A dream that scares you. A dream that makes you really uncomfortable. A dream that resonates from the bottom of your soul, a dream that’s no one else’s but uniquely yours. A dream that the Creator in Heaven put in your heart.  A dream that is part of your destiny. A dream that when you fulfill it, God will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

Maybe you don’t have that dream… yet. You know it’s somewhere inside of you and you know it is starting to make itself clear. Maybe it involves writing or speaking. Maybe it involves helping people or serving others. Maybe it involves changing the way the world thinks. Maybe your dream is to build an orphanage. Invent a product that saves lives. Develop a teaching curriculum that helps disabled children learn. Become a coach that helps hundreds of families restore their relationships.

I believe that someday soon God will make a VISION so great in your life that it will take your breath away.  Are you ready for your FUTURE? YES or NO?

If your answer is YES or your answer is NO, I want you to consider something. 7 years ago I invested into some training I thought was going to improve my business, but that training didn’t just improve my business it changed my LIFE… How? It helped me get rid of struggle, strife, distrust, and discord in my life. It helped me take my marriage from okay to amazing. It helped me pay off $268,000 in debt in  56 months. It taught me how to serve more than 10,000 people and help them change their lives. It taught me how to have fun again. It helped me in so many ways we would be here all day talking about it.

So here it is in San Antonio Texas, August 29th – 30th.  If you are ready to get back on track with your life and relationships, if you are ready to open up to the purpose and vision God has for your life, if you are ready to learn systems, tools, and techniques that will take you farther in life that you can ever imagine, and if you are ready to have one of the most fun weekends of your life, then get yourself registered.

I love you and I hope you will make the choice that could help you get the vision for your BIG DREAM and learn how to make it happen.

God Bless your success,

Mary Starr Carter


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