Back to School: Lunch Specials for Kids

There are still plenty of discussions about what is best for our children’s lunch menu at school. School boards across the nation have been making efforts to make lunches healthier for years, but do our children make the right choice when they are at that lunch line?

With the beautiful packaging and foods that they don’t eat at home, the array of school lunches offered could entice just any child. Even a well discipline kid may not pick the nutritious selections. Depending on school lunch, vending machines or convenience foods from stores can disrupt our kids’ good eating habits.

Will you be packing lunch or giving your kids money for their lunch this school year?

Average school lunch price in the nation is $2.46 with high school student paying more. If you have 3 school age students, you will be paying $22.14 if they purchase school lunches 3 times a week.

Bad news is, there is a lot of fat, salt, sugar and preservatives found in the foods and drinks served in the school lunch lines. The American Heart Association reported that 1 in every 3 American kids and teens are obese. It has tripled since 1963.

Packing lunch can be the best way to eat healthier and save money on food. You choose what goes inside the lunch box or bag. It is critical for kids to have protein, whole grains, vitamins and the fiber in their diet. Lunches filled with preservatives, sugar, salt and fat may cause kids to feel tired after lunch and may lose their focus in school.

In his documentary series, Food Revolution, Jaime Oliver showed that when kids were given a choice they would pick French fries and chocolate milk over the healthier alternatives.  Many overweight kids were not helped by school lunches but the high calories added to their obesity and food addictions. And we all know that overweight kids get teased, which cripples their self image.

Here is a list of lunch items that can be included in your child’s lunch box. We list them according to the food groups. You can mix and match and have a great lunch menu for weeks:

Fruits and vegetables:
Carrot sticks
Grape tomatoes
Edamame (soybean in the pod found in Costco, BJs and Sam’s Club)
Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

Almond butter
Peanut butter
Variety of cheeses
Cottage cheese
Greek yogurt
Yogurt plain with fruit and nuts
Home cooked chicken, turkey or beef (stew or soup)
Home baked chicken and turkey for sandwiches

Variety of wraps
Whole grain bread
Pita bread

Fun snacks:
Favorite healthy cookies (home made or store bought)
Beef or turkey jerky (home made or store bought no nitrates)
Animal crackers (whole grain)
Dried fruits
Nuts (almonds, walnuts)
Granola with dark chocolate pieces (there are gluten free varieties)
Young Living Manna bar or Wolfberry Bars
Young Living dried wolfberries
Sunflower seeds

From the list above, here is one example of what we can assemble for lunch:
Celery and almond butter
Home baked chicken, salad in a wrap (add favorite sauce if needed)
Young Living dried wolfberries, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate pieces and almond mix.

Doesn’t that just make you hungry for a healthy lunch…

Let us know if you have a lunch recommendation. Leave us a comment below.


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  • Verda

    Great information, it will save you money on your food allowance and they most likely won’t get sick as much.

  • Debbie

    some school are trying to make sure there are many healthy choices for children as well as stocking vending machines with healthy food. Let’s hope the movement continues and grows

  • Anna

    we love the Bento forms and make sushi rice shapes w/ nori seaweed faces, various veggies, and organic lunch meats rolled in on a bed of lettuce leaves…we like the soy butter in celery cut in little pieces for little mouths!