Ancient Einkorn: Hybrid Grains, GMOs and Chemicals: A Book Summary and Sharing of Thoughts

Ancient Einkorn

By: Claudia Looi

“Let’s not wonder what is happening but be part of making things happen” was the last sentence I read in Dr. D. Gary Young’s latest book, Ancient Einkorn, Today’s Staff of Life: Hybrid Grains, GMOs and Chemicals, Truth or Consequences.

In this book Dr. Gary, Young Living Essential Oils’ founder
• Takes us through his quest to find the ancient einkorn
• Shows the decline of nutrition
• Explains what is modern hybrid wheat
• Enlightens us on gluten
• Shows the importance of enzymes
• Teaches the many diseases and disorders triggered by hybrid gluten
• Explains what the silent killers are
• Takes us through the road to recovery and a healthy life

We all know that to understand ones passion we have to trace it to their experiences and upbringing. Dr. Young grew up in a small cabin without running water or electricity. His family lived in the harsh mountains near Challis Idaho. By the age of 12 his job was to drive a team of horses to cut the wheat and oats his father grew in the farm. They worked hard and ate off the produce of the land.

Two early driving forces that set him searching for answers to recovery and a healthy life were-
1. His mother’s constant battle with aches, pain, fatigue, depression and weight gain.
2. An accident that left him in a wheelchair, drugged and suicidal.

Why Einkorn?

Dr. Gary became curious about einkorn since 1990 when he stumbled upon a small farm in Hunza Land in Pakistan.

While attending Cairo University from 1991 to 1994, Dr. Young was fascinated with the reliefs and hieroglyphs on the walls. This fascination led him to the discovery of an Egyptian hieroglyph showing grain being harvested. These grains reminded him of how wheat looked like when he was a young boy.

The wheat he remembered were at least 38 to 42 inches tall just like the hieroglyph. But as a young adult the wheat he saw was only 14 to 18 inches. That perked his curiosity.

Were the constant aches and pains, depression, fatigue and weight gain his mother faced due to the type of grain she ate? What happened to those tall plants he remembered making grain teepees out of with his siblings?

What is einkorn?
According to Dr. Gary, einkorn is considered the ancient grain or the original wheat of man. Its botanical name is Triticum monococcum. The stocks are long and slender, and the kernels are oblong and flat and protected by a strong husk that clings to the kernels. It grows to about 4.5 to 5 feet tall.

Today’s common wheat only grows to 16 inches. The big difference is modern (dwarf) wheat has 42 chromosomes and einkorn has 1 genome and 14 chromosomes. It has the simplest genetic code and is easily grown organically in mountainous areas even in poor soil conditions.

It has low glycemic index, low gluten levels, two and half times richer in protein than commercial wheat, three times higher antioxidant, twice the vitamin A content of modern wheat, three to four times more beta carotene, four to five times more riboflavin, easily digested and is an ancient mineral-and-vitamin dense grain.

In ancient times farmers let the plants grow through stages of maturity. This process helped retain the plants natural enzymes, which made it easy to digest. These days, farmers harvest wheat according to their plans and convenience not Mother Nature’s plans.  Dr. Gary compared it to vine-ripened tomato and non-vine-ripened tomato.

“The non-vine-ripened tomato that tastes like cardboard and has a nutritional value of an egg crate.”

The decline in nutrition is not a new thing. It started about 2,000 years ago but the Industrial Age led to extensive hybridization, usage of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers on wheat and other grains. With that came grains depleted of enzymes that are important for digestion.

Drastic changes happened when Dr. Norman Borlaug created a wheat that increased production yield and was resistant to wheat fungus called rust.

The outcome of hybridized and genetically engineered grains-

Many are suffering from symptoms of wheat gluten intolerance like joint pains, weak immune system, digestive problems, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, gastritis, schizophrenia, autism, TDD and ANS disorders, bipolar, manic depression and many more chronic pains and dis-eases.

Even animals are showing similar symptoms.

One shocking result shows that modern wheat can turn into glucose three times faster than white sugar.

It also creates an acid condition and inflammation in the body.

It is highly addictive and causes cravings, which lead to problems like being overweight and obesity. In the book, Dr. Gary quoted Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly about triathletes getting fat too even when they workout and eat fairly healthy.

What is gluten and why do you need gluten?

A direct quote from the book:
I don’t think that God would create nutritious grains, seeds, grasses, and other similar foods and not expect man to eat them; and surely He knew that through time, nature would crossbreed and make natural and nutritious variations of these foods as well.

The thing is, did God expect man to create unnatural crossbreeding in a lab?

Three important facts I learned from this book about gluten
• We are created to digest natural wild grasses like einkorn with 14 chromosomes
• The body may have extreme difficulty digesting and recognizing the hybridized 42-chromosome man-made wheat especially for those suffering from gluten sensitivity
• Not all gluten is toxic and bad, we need to know the difference

Gluten from man-made 42-chromosome wheat may be incompatible with the human body and may contribute to autoimmune diseases, interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, trigger gluten intolerance and a host of other problems related to sensitivity to gluten.

Ancient Einkorn

Food for thought from the book about gluten:

We cannot blame wheat gluten for the rapid increase of autism, but it is probably a contributing factor. (Page 61)

Enzymes deficiencies are a growing problem every day and, I believe, are another cause of gluten intolerance and celiac disease. (Page 77)

But what is important is that after we look at the evidence, study the science, and listen to other people, we make our own decision about what we feel is right for us, not what everyone else thinks is right for us. Experiment and if something works, then do it, irrespective of what science tells you; and if it continues to work, then it must be right for you. (Page 63)

Page 63’s statement is freeing… we are all built differently with different body types, blood groups and needs. Listen to your body and be in tune with your body. It doesn’t matter what age group you are in, taking care of our body with a healthier diet is essential for total wellness.

That will also include:
• Learning to read the ingredients on the label of the food you purchase
• Learning the difference between hybrid gluten and natural gluten
• Understanding our digestion processes and immunity
• Not all health foods in health food stores are chemical free and nutritious
• Staying away as much as possible from processed food, fat and sugar-laden gluten-free food, additives, colorants, dyes, unnatural ingredients, toxic chemicals, food stabilizers and food preservatives.
• Learning the importance of enzymes and why we cannot live without enzymes
• Not all gluten-free products are good for you
• Sugar-free doesn’t mean it is good for you because you may be consuming toxic artificial sweeteners
• The power of liver and gall bladder cleansing, taking good enzymes and enzyme supplementation and probiotics

Could your aching joints, headaches, foggy thinking, allergies, food sensitivities, dizziness, dragging feeling in the morning, candida problems, psoriasis, PMS, infertility, digestive issues, inflammation, anxiety, depression, mood swings, ADHD, constant tiredness, diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic pains caused by the food you eat or don’t eat?

I learned that an average senior American citizen is polluted with over 700 synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. These chemicals and heavy metals are from household cleaning detergents, personal care products, air pollutants, pesticides, fertilizers, canned foods, recirculated airline air, prescription and over the counter drugs and food we prepare at home and eat at our favorite restaurants.

They are the silent killers!

Lots of important health nuggets are found Dr. Gary Young’s latest book.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for ways to learn about wheat, gluten, enzyme and total wellness.

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Thoughts from Claudia Looi, the content writer at

I am more convinced than ever that “we are what we eat” and our food is too processed and refined. I am allergic to American corn but was not allergic to corn when I ate it in Ecuador. My throat hurts and itches every time I eat breaded chicken nuggets, breaded shrimp or anything that has corn and wheat. Is there a relation between your discomfort/pain and the food you eat?


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