Tips for your Stressful Weeks

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It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. It’s been a full couple of days and I have a lot on my mind. My husband and I have worked as a powerhouse team in life and business these last 4 days. It is amazing what we can do and handle when we have too.

In the last 4 days we spent hours doing client care and leadership development, made it to the last stages of hiring a new staff member, prepped and launched a class, recorded a business training review, which resulted in our home business growing by 15% ending October with a new record month in sales.

In our full time job at home where we are grooming, schooling and raising kids. We also enjoyed going to the pumpkin corn maize farm, hair cuts, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping, volunteering, setting our monthly budget, paying the bills which resulted in another personal debt demolished.

Having a full and busy life might be your normal routine but add in 2 kids who also came down with an intense stomach bug and the last 4 days were also spent taking turns cleaning up poopy messes and monitoring temperatures every other hour. We are on the tail end of it and although it was a tough 4 days, we made it through.

How do you get through Tough Times? Here are of my helpful hints:

Tips for your Stressful Weeks
1. Team Work
This is our number ONE strategy in getting through stressful times. Together you make a list and prioritize what needs to get done and who will do it. Make sure one partner is not getting stuck all day with no sleep and cleaning up messes.  This may require a spouse to take a day off, cancel an appointment or activities, and most likely sacrifice regular routines.

2. Use your Essential Oils
When you are stressed it is so important to use your essential oils day in and day out. My favorites through tough times are Stress Away, Idaho Black Spruce or Idaho Balsam Fir, Joy and Peace and Calming all by Young Living Essential Oils.

I try to wear them as perfume during the day, at night for bed, and even put them on sore muscles. I recommend applying them at least 2-3 times a day topically and inhaling them from the bottle or tissue 10 times a day. Long deep breaths for 30 seconds to a minute really help lower your stress.

3. Pray
STRESS and WORRY can be hard to avoid when you go through a tough time. Whether it is days or weeks. I recently watched some family members totally rely on Christ when they were given some difficult news about their health. In the end it was God who pulled through with a positive outcome. Worry robs your own health. Relying on Christ doesn’t mean you don’t monitor things or use medical intervention when needed it just means you know where your source and strength comes from.

4. Energy Support
During challenging times it’s easy to go for the carbs, cookies, and coffee. NingXia Red, NingXia Zyng, and NingXia Nitro are 3 products can help your body during stressful times. NingXia Red is our overall nutritional supplement juice it’s delicious and nutritious for all ages. NingXia Zyng is my go to drink when I need a little kick. I love the refreshing taste and I instantly feel more alert and focused.

But on my longest days with little sleep I add NingXia Nitro to my routine. It’s a much safer energy shot with lots of vitamins and nutrition and very little caffeine. None of these NingXia products give you a crash and burn like those other energy products and during my hardest days NingXia Red helps me keep my energy up, stay positive, and have more patience.

Tips for your Stressful Weeks Image Credit: Young Living

5. Diffusing
When you have stress, diffusing essential oils is important. When you have sick smell throughout your house from diarrhea, diffusing essential oils is a necessity. Diffusing Young Living essential oils are a much safer solution to freshen the air than chemical sprays, plug ins and even candles. Toxin free blends like Purification or RC essential oils are some of my favorite ways to freshen the air. You can get a set of 10 different essential oils and a diffuser in our Premium Start Living kit.

Lack of sleep is the one thing that can destroy your patience, health, and happiness during tough times. When we get very little sleep because of a little one being sick or our work schedule we will take turns giving each other some rest time. This means that one spouse might take care of the kids when they come home from work so the other can take a nap.  It may mean instead of working during the kids naptime we sleep too. Or in the worse times it means we take turns, one spouse will take care of the kids while the other sleeps.  You must find strategies for getting rest.

7. Hire Help
You may think you can’t afford it but you can’t afford not too. Getting a helper for a few hours a week so you can take a nap, go to an exercise class, get the grocery shopping done quickly, or simply have them help with preparing meals, do dishes or laundry can mean the difference between your health and happiness.

I started with hiring some responsible high school students for a couple hours a week and eventually moved to get help daily with childcare and home responsibilities. Even trading with another mom, getting a grandparent to help, and simply asking for help will help your situation. You are not less of a mom or parent just because you can’t do it all, and sometimes you actually may be able to do it better than anyone you hire, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Letting go is one of the hardest thing you can do, but it also allows you to become your best.

So I hope you will make your health a priority especially during difficult times.  Use some of these simple tips and techniques to take some of the stress off.  Let me know how it goes.

  • dj2me

    sounds like a rough week especially for little ones who do not understand why they feel so terrible.