The Nine Benefits of Drinking Water For Your Family

Compared to many countries in the world, we have the safest drinking water from our tap. There are great benefits of drinking water and with some safety measures taken to filter your tap water, your risk of not drinking enough is more than drinking the water you already have in your home.

There are many third world nations that struggle through each day to get clean drinking water. Countries like Tanzania, Africa where one third of the country is in dry and semi-dry zones, getting clean drinking water is a dream come true. Most diseases affecting the population are due to contaminated water according to the Water Project Organization.

One out of five deaths in children under 5 are due to water-related diseases and 443 million school days are lost because of water-related diseases. One in eight people worldwide do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.

And we have choices…bottled, tap, sparkling, filtered, enhanced, name brand, green, eco-friendly and the list continues.

Medical experts say water is a nutrient our body needs and there is great power in the clear zero calorie drink.

Here are nine benefits:

Nine: Helps you Lose Weight

Our Slique Weight loss Healthy Living clients know the power of water because it is key to their success. If you were to drink a glass of water before a meal, you will consume fewer calories. Instead of reaching out for the high sugared drinks, substitute it with water. This will help reduce unwanted non nutritious calories.

For those who workout, drinking lots of water right after workout and before a meal is easy to do.

Eight: More focus and increased productivity
Our brain consists of 90% water. Pyschology Today has this to say about water and our brain:
Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted. Your brain cells lose efficiency.

So water is required for your brain to work better, have more focus and stay alert.

I cannot tell you the number of clients who comment on how good they feel and clear headed they are when they drink their required amounts of water.

Seven: Healthier Skin
As we age, our skin loses moisture because of dry heat, sun, exposure to chemicals, stress, diet and aging process. Other than other essential supplements, foods, skin care products and protection, water plays a major role in replenishing skin tissues and helping skin cells stay hydrated.  Here is a test.  Pinch your skin on top of your hand for 10 seconds then let go. If you skin rapidly goes back to its normal state, your body is well hydrated and youthful, if it takes several seconds or more to go back, then it is dehydrated and aging.

Six: Relieves Fatigue and Promotes a Good Mood
Mild dehydration can affect your mood and you may experience fatigue and feel foggy. If you were to stay in the hot sun for a few hours without water, you will get that foggy feeling because over 60% of our body consists of water. Children and even adults get cranky if they don’t drink water for a long period of time.

Drinking water will instantly boost your mood.  So when your spouse or kid is cranky go get them a glass of water. 

Five: Detox
Water helps remove toxins from our organs, cells and blood. Drinking water each day helps with our urination and bowel movements. Urine tells a lot about the condition of your body.

Darker colored urine usually shows that you are not drinking enough water. Since the majority of our body mass consists of water, it needs water to function and detox. A lack of water will show strong and concentrated urine. Your urine shows how much you drink more than the counting of glasses per day.

Four: Helps digestions and constipation
Instead of reaching out for laxatives or other forms of relief, water may just be the answer for constipation and digestion problems. Millions of Americans have chronic constipation and use over the counter laxatives.

Drinking water, which is natural and fiber rich foods could bring quick relief. The lack of water in your body causes your colon to get water from stools, which results in constipation. Your intestines will get congested. Also if you are eating fiber without enough water that could make you constipated too.

Here is a picture taken from Nestle Water showing the amount of water content in our body:

This shows the need of water in our body. Water helps break down food and promotes digestion and helps organs to absorb nutrients better.

Three: Prevents You from Getting Kidney Stones
The lack of water in your body could cause kidney stones to form because the salts, minerals and other substances are sticking together in your urine. Drinking water will keep urine diluted and helps prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

There are other medical conditions that could cause your body to have kidney stones. Examples are gout and inflammatory bowel disease.

Two: Prevent blood clots and heart disease
Irregular heart pressure could be a symptom of dehydration. A study done by Loma Linda University shows that drinking water, exercise and diet could prevent or lower the risk of heart disease.

Hydrating our body could prevent blood clots and protect against stroke. Water also regulates the body temperature.

One: Cancer and other diseases
What if drinking water could prevent cancer? Water could flush out all the impurities in our body. Just imagine the need to clean your kitchen sink pipe after rinsing your dishes?

Our body craves for water everyday. There are many easy ways you could add drinking water to your day. We use the following to aid in drinking more water throughout our day:

1. Lemon Essential Oil: Add a drop of lemon essential oil to your water. It is refreshing, promotes energy and mental clarity. Best of all, no empty calories.
2. Orange Essential Oil: Add a drop of orange essential oil to your water. It supports the body’s natural repair process, helps relaxation and encourages positive emotions.
3. Grapefruit Essential Oil: Add a drop of grapefruit essential oil to your water. It uplifts, revitalizes and uplifts your mood each day.
4. Ginger Essential Oil: Add a drop of ginger essential oil to your water if you are having minor digestive discomfort. It also increases stamina.
5. Peppermint Essential Oil: Add a drop of peppermint to your water if you are feeling fatigue and it also helps aid normal digestion.
6. Slique Tea: For a warm relaxing drink to start your day or with your meal or take a break with Slique tea.

Here are some testimonials of essential oil users who discovered the benefits of drinking water and drank more water with the help of essential oils:

Barbara from Colorado: Needing to increase water intake daily, i added lemon or orange or grapefruit – like 10 drops to 16 oz. I carry this bottle to work and find the taste refreshing. just beginning to learn about oils and health.

Paul from California: We live in a town with terrible water, so we buy reverse osmosis water in 5 gallon jugs for drinking. The jugs are difficult to clean, and most 'non-oilers' recommend a tablespoon of bleach and water to rinse the jugs and clean them.

I've chosen to use lemon or peppermint (4-6 drops), then fill the jug with the drinking water to help it mix and clean the inside of the jug. Since the theory is 'oil and water don't mix', I figured the drops would simply float to the top and we might get a few really strong oil content glasses toward the end of the 5 gallons…. Wrong.

We didn't notice as much with the lemon oil, but with the peppermint, we could really taste it in EVERY glass we poured from that 5 gallons. I don't know how it worked, but somehow the oil was present throughout the entire 5 gallons. It was quite refreshing, and I felt good knowing my family was ingesting oils in their drinking water, but it altered the taste of our juice and anything else we mixed it with. 

Moral of the story… Maybe ESSENTIAL oils and water DO mix!

Make a resolution right now to drink more water each day to feel better and achieve total wellness. There are more benefits than we could list here in one post.

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  • Verda

    Good information, this one thing can make a huge difference  in our healing.

  • Ebarbagallo

    Exceptional information.  I am finding that as I get older it is even more important to drink, drink, drink.  It is so easy for older and elderly people to become dehydrated and not even realize it is happening.

    Thank you, Mary

  • Dj2me55

    I am amazed at the difference in my joints, my skin and even my eating habits ever since Dr Mary recommended drinking more water. It is making a healthier change in my life

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