The Health Care Package

The Health Care Package
By Dr. Mary Starr Carter

Care and Feeding of your College Students

Here are some of the challenges of living in College Dorms or College Apartment living. I can tell you from experience because of my degree I spent 9 years in college. Avoiding the Freshmen 15lbs, dealing with new stressors and lack of sleep can be hard. College students are prone to higher incidence of colds and flu, fungal infections, and bacteria infections.

Many parents pay for or help support their child's education, but rarely do we think of supporting their health. Why not start sending them a Health Care Package. Here is what you would put in it and why.

Ear Plugs: there are so many distractions at college that your child may have a hard time focusing or even sleeping at night because of all the noise. When I was in school ear plugs were my best friend. They help you tune out and are able to concentrate or sleep when you need to.

Most freshmen going off to college will be sharing a small room with one or two other individuals as well as living quarters with dozens more. Dorm life can be quite loud and different from the comfort of home. With many students studying late and getting up early Quality Sleep can be an important factor to your child's success.

Sleep Eye Mask: Sounds kind of weird but both men and women have found an eye mask to be very beneficial. Some roommates set up their dorm room so their bed is shielded from light.

As I have stated in previous blogs the body will deteriorate with sleep cycles less than 4 hours. We must get a full 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Now most of us need much more than this but if a room mate or something is causing them to wake up several times in the middle of the night their health will suffer. Make sure you children know this too.

Essential oils

Tranquil Roll on : Young Living's Lavender oil has been researched to be more effective than the leading OTC sleep medicine. Tranquil Roll on has Lavender, Chamomile and Cedarwood which not only helps you get a restful night sleep but is great for calming the brain. Just roll on the feet, ears and neck before bed or just put on a pillow and sleep is yours.

Deep Relief Roll on: Studying long hours can not only make you tired but lead to neck pain and headaches. Just apply deep relief to the temples and back of the neck and the pain is gone in minutes but a wonderful cooling sensation is left. This blend of Young Living Essential oils contains Peppermint which has scientifically been found to improve concentration too. So while studying just add a smudge to a tissue and inhale.

Stress Away: College is very stressful. 18-30 hrs of classroom & lab time along with as much or even 2 times that in studying. Many college students also have to work part time to earn money for their school. Stress Stress Stress. But did you know the body has a simple system to relieve stress. It is called your Olfactory System or your sense of smell. Certain smells calm the body so it can better deal with stress. Young Living put together many of these oils into one blend called Stress Away. An easy to use roll on you can keep in your pocket for those stressful times. I actually advise inhaling it 7 different times throughout the day. Some wear it as cologne or perfume.

Not only can all these tools help with dealing with stress and getting better sleep but your nutrition also plays a big role in the health of the body.


Carbozyme: College can be one of the poorest eating periods of our life. With access to pizza, cookies, cakes, soda, and ice cream 24/7 Carbohydrate binging is common. This can cause swings in blood sugar along with moodiness, depression and fatigue. I highly encourage most everyone take enzymes most of their life but this enzyme Carbozyme really helps digest those foods that are bad for us. Not only do our clients notice their blood sugar balance improved but many notice weight loss too. Carbozyme is a good choice for keeping off the Freshmen 15lbs.

NingXia Red: is another great choice for keeping college students healthy. Just one ounce has more Vitamin C then Oranges, more Beta Carotene than carrots, 12 minerals, 18 amino acids and lots of other good stuff all natural. This is a great alternative to those energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull, and 6 hr Energy drinks. NingXia Red not only tastes great but it comes in simple 1 oz packets that you can easily take daily in water or straight. For athletes and poor eaters 2-3 oz of day will not only improve athletic performance but also energy levels, and strengthen the immune systems. Athletic teams who all drank NingXia Red had a much less rate in colds and flu and noticeable improvement in performance.
So Here is Everything in your
Health Care Package

Ear Plugs,
Eye Masks,
Young Living's Tranquil Roll on  ,
Young Living's Deep Relief Roll on
Young Living's Stress Away Roll on,
and a Month's supply of Young Living's Carbozyme
and Young Living's NingXia Red 
The Health Care Package will cost about $150.
A Monthly Maintenance Care Package cost about $100 dollars.
This extra $1200 dollars a year investment in your child's health may have a great impact on their future.
For more information about the Health Care Package visit
or call our office at 1888-351-6850

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