Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer

Many were saddened to hear about the recent loss of the beloved Wayne Dyer.  Wayne was an author of many self help books, a presenter, lecturer, and gift to many. Although we may not have seen eye to eye on some of our beliefs, he was still instrumental in helping me get on the right track in my life.

When I was a young 24 years old I was first introduced to Wayne’s material in my Chiropractic college library. One day I discovered that my College Library had a special section of self help, motivational, and inspirational books on tape. I devoured it. What a wonderful distraction from Anatomy and Physiology, Neurology and Biochemistry that I spent most of my days studying. Ironically all that self help material would later be more beneficial and even profitable than most of my college learning.

Amongst the library’s special section was Wayne Dyer’s tapes. When I started my Young Living Business in 2000, my mentor gave me tape after tape with the direction to listen to it all the time. They helped me to make a shift in my thinking, gain some confidence and grow in business. But I am not going to lie- it also led me in directions that were not my highest and best. Granted I made the choices to walk down some of those roads and listen to other tapes and CDs that led me into confusion and deeper in poverty.  It wasn’t until I became Christian that I could eventual be strong enough in my own beliefs to listen to material and keep what I determined was good and leave the rest.

So we remember Wayne Dyer and an important instrument to my journey to success. I am grateful and humbled by his work and efforts to the world. And I love the fact that he loved Young Living Essential Oils… as seen by one of his Facebook posts. LOL!


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