Sports and Kids: Find The Best Outlet for Your Kids’ Boundless Energy

Right now you are playing with your kids crawling around the living room as mommy bear and daddy bear.  The little cubs (your kids) are running after ‘mommy bear’ with their play foods and utensils trying to feed mommy meals of plastic corns and bananas.  Daddy bear is doing his daddy growls chasing the kids and they can’t get enough of it. The room is filled with toys and you two are exhausted but the kids are not done playing.

Ever felt like you have no more energy for another make believe game in your living room? Would you like to provide outlets for your kids’ boundless energy?

Some of us have high-spirited, high-energy and fully energized kids once they open their eyes. Halfway through your playtime you get tired but not the kids. With the fall season comes colder weather and kids are having more indoor time. How do you channel their energies?

Sport activities are best outlets to direct kids’ boundless energies. But not all sports are suitable for kids 5 and under. Kids are vulnerable to injury during sport. With precautionary measures most can be prevented. However here are three sports that are safe for kids 5 and below:

Karate – this Japanese martial art is a great indoor activity for kids. Kids 5 and below are usually being introduce with playful movements and kicks in these classes. They also work on life skills like focus, discipline and self-control.

Swimming – giving kids the opportunity to learn how to swim could be a lifesaver. Swimming is an important life skill since drowning is the second highest cause of death among young adults and children. Swimming is also one of the best workouts for children and adults. There are swimming lessons available in most YMCA centers throughout the United States at affordable prices.

Soccer – almost every kid in America has tried soccer before they turned ten. Soccer is a great team sport and can help develop a child’s social skill and sportsmanship. One of the benefits of soccer is it is not a contact sport like football, lacrosse, hockey or rugby. Because contact sports have higher incidents of collision and injury, soccer will be a better option for kids 5 years and younger.

A high-energy child with undirected energy may potentially cause problems at school or home. Sadly, some are given names like ADD, ADHD and the likes and were taken to undesirable routes or given ‘bad reports’.  Physical activities are important for kids of any age. It helps channel their energy and promotes better sleep.

Penny Leclair of has her high energy daughter bounce on a little mini trampoline for 10 minutes before school.  She says it helps her focus better, releases anxiety and pre-school stress.  Penny also says giving her daughter 2 ounces of NingXia Red, one before school and one packet in her lunch makes a big difference too. NingXia Red has lots of vitamins, minerals and specific amino acids that are great for our little ones and us.

Sometimes the foods that contain high levels of sugar, preservatives, and dyes or processed may trigger their energy levels. Remember to add a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to their diet for balanced nutrition and digestion. Here is a delicious chewable vitamin recommended for your kids but I admit I like the taste so much I have one every day too:

KidScents Mighty Vites

Sports and physical activities are not only beneficial to adults, they are really important for kids’ wellbeing too. This season get your kids involved in outdoor or indoor activities and let us know the benefits.

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  • Eva

    Hi Dr. Mary,
    This is a great post and will share with my Facebook fans.  I remember when we were kids we never went to any kind of karate class but we used to make it up right there in our living room.  Thanks for jostling loose this fun memory.
    Best regards,

  • good ideas. I use dance music and parade therpay play to keep up with kids who never seem to tire