Ouch That Hurts

I have been in pain this past week after pulling some muscles in my shoulder blade.  As the mother of a 1 year old healing this injury is not easy when you are picking up your 24lb son dozens of times a day.  “Ouch that really does hurt.”  But I started to think of all my clients and those of you out there who are parents and in pain.  This is NOT FUN….

But now I am thinking of all the conditions my clients struggle with everyday, especially my Fibromyalgia Clients.

Back Pain,

Neck and Shoulder Pain,

Joint stiffness,

Headaches and Migraines

Dealing with pain without children is one thing but with children must be awful.  In fact, Heather Maidment who shares her story of recovering from Fibromyalgia at 2011-01-30_14-08-41_560.3gp   dealt with that very thing.  Can you imagine being in so much pain that it hurt if your children hugged or even touched you?  I can't. 

My professional career has been spent treating and teaching people to get out of pain since 1999.  Yet it took me 3 days to remember to do that for myself.  Don't wait any longer. Try something that is simple and safe.  I used Deep Relief Roll on.  I rolled it on my neck and shoulder and the pain diminished by 60% in just 2 minutes.  A couple hours later I needed it again but this time it worked even better.  Compare this to my husband rubbing my shoulder for 20 minutes and the oils did much better.

At the Total Wellness Doc we offer many solutions that may reduce or eliminate your pain.   Here is a story that came in this week from Yanina Rivera who used Panaway essential oil.  

 These oils have me speechless…wow!   I forgot this was part of my Young Living Essentials everyday oils… I used it on my arthritic ankles (horrible flare up this weekend) and unexplainable swollen red bump on between knee and ankle… swelling went down, improved circulation and pain. Satisfied customer once again.


When I was first learning and experimenting with Therapeutic Essential oils I had a Landlord come to me with terrible knee pain.  He told me he had been taking Celebrex for over 6 months and it was really “tearing up”  his stomach.   So I asked him if I could try the Panaway oil.  I applied 6-10 drops all on the knee and then behind the knee, and down the leg.  A month later I got an email from my landlord telling me he has been out of knee pain since that day and he got rid of his Celebrex and his stomach was doing much better. 

Research and Safety

Thousands of dollars have been poured into research of the develop and quality preparation of these essential oil  blends.  Although more costly that an aspirin the benefits and safety are worth it!  Both Panaway and Deep Relief  essential oil blends are great to keep in your arsenal of health products.  I'd even suggest to keep them on you or near by.

If you struggle with pain every day these blends are safe to use daily. We know many pain drugs when used long term have damaging or addictive side effects.  Even over the counter Tylenol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen have been shown to  stress or damage the liver, kidneys or stomach with daily use.  Hundreds of our clients have used these oils with no side effects because they are safe.    

How do you use Deep Relief or Panaway: 

Deep Relief comes in a Roll on so you can simply roll on the area of pain and rub in with your hands or not.   The oil will absorb into the skin within a minute or two.

Panaway can be applied straight or put into a base of pure vegetable or olive oil and rubbed into the area of pain. 

With both oils You will start to feel the deep penetrating tingly action which can last up to 30 minutes.  Even after the cooling sensation is gone many times the pain levels will remain decreased.  

I suggest you combine the oils with a light massage, Chiropractic or if you are getting any other from of therapy.  The combination should enhance your results. 

If you would like to try Panaway or Deep Relief visit www.orderoils.com or call our office directly at 315-883-1943.  Good luck and let us know your stories of getting out of pain in our comment section below or post it on Facebook at   Mary Starr Parmley Carter  . 

Thank you,

Dr. Mary Starr 


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  • Opened the door to see healing a different way, thank you!

  • When I received your email today I’d been dealing with higher than normal stress in the office. As a result I had a tension headache. I normally don’t get headaches but today, this one was a whopper! After reading this article I grabbed my bottle of PanAway and immediately started rubbing in at the base of my skull and down my spine to the top of my shoulders ~ as far as I could reach. This has taken me all of about 5 minutes to type and already I am feeling tingling and some relief. The aroma is nice, too. Thank you for help at just the right time.

  • Dj2me55

    Dr. Mary has greatly decreased my aches and migraines by suggesting YL Pan away and Deep Relief.
    I no longer rely on any medications.