No More Detergents

“What are those bubbles in the water?”, I asked my friend. We were enjoying a study weekend at her family’s home on Keuka Lake back in 1998.  She said, “That’s from people’s laundry detergents and washing machine water going into the lake. The chemicals are causing problems with the lake’s ecosystem.” That was my first AHA moment when I realized that laundry detergent wasn’t as safe as I thought.  

I remember in college the stink of the laundry rooms and of course the years of going to the laundry mat. The smells could be choking and all the time laundry detergent keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.  Every Sunday paper has coupons for laundry detergent and in the store, the smell of the detergent and cleaner isle is too much and I have to plug my nose.  

I started using all natural or I should say more natural detergents in 2002 and they just felt better on my body and for my eco-friendly mind. But they were costly and somehow I always spilled them everywhere and had to clean up the washing machines. But no more… no more detergents for me.

Watch this video and see my new ECO friendly laundry washing.  YEHHH!

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  • Dj2me55

    Looks like a safe and effective way to do laundry and save the environment