Moms of Faith: Meggan Larson

Have you ever met someone whose story just makes you want to cry tears of joy? Whose story truly is a miracle? Whose life is a LIGHT ON A HILL? Well that is Meggan Larson. I first met Meggan at a First Steps to Success Training with Dani Johnson. Over the 3 years we trained together I saw a wonderful woman turn into an extraordinary human being. She and her husband Rob Larson have so many fabulous testimonials of what God has done in their lives and how they have blessed others.

Meggan and Rob have a 3 ½ year old daughter and a son just over 2 years old. When her youngest was just 3 months old she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called choriocarsinoma. It’s a cancer that mimics a pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone duplicates cancer cells at a rate of a pregnancy and carries it through the body. When she was diagnosed, she had tumors in her lungs, spleen and uterus. VERY, VERY SERIOUS.

Through medical intervention and POWERFUL, POWERFUL PRAYER by hundreds and hundreds of people Meggan recovered from cancer. And even though she had 5 months of chemotherapy, she was able to conceive again.  That was a miracle in itself. At 5-6 weeks Meggan started bleeding from a sub-choronic bleed, which in many cases causes miscarriages. Miraculously again the blood bled off and no longer was a threat to the growing baby.  BUT they discovered that her placenta was growing into the wall of her uterus, which is dangerous for mommy and baby and will require a C-Section for baby and hysterectomy for mommy.

On February 19th Meggan started bleeding and the doctors decided to take the baby at 33 weeks. Here is little Nathaniel Ethan Alexander Larson at 4.1 lbs.

What a miracle! But I am going to ask you to continue to pray for this amazing woman of faith. Please pray mightily for her recovery, her new little baby, her family and husband.

Here is a picture of her family.

moms of faith

Lastly I want to share with you Meggan’s Blog so you can continue to follow her progress and baby Larson’s progress. I hope that their story inspires you to Trust God, Have Faith and Believe in Miracles:


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  • dj2me

    God is good and has blessed this family. So very happy for her new son and will pray for total healing

  • Ayo

    Wow! That is beautiful! My prayers are with her and family!