Mommy Tips: How To Calm An Active Toddler For Naptime

Recently we moved our son from a crib to a Big Boy Bed and naptime became a huge challenge.  Although I had heard advice to keep him in his crib as long as possible, he is so tall and he tried to climb out of his crib and fell and got a black eye.  I think I was in as much pain as he was, so we immediately ordered our big boy bed and of course naptime has not been the same since.  Parents, do you struggle with your toddler’s naptime?

Here are five tips from my friends to help with Naptime routines:

One: Try to make his bed feel cozy like the crib was. It may take a little time but he’ll get used to the new routine. I would talk about it before- “we’ll have a snack and go potty, then nap in our big boy bed… ” Keep as much of the other routine the same.  (From Rebecca)

Two: Consistency no matter what. (From Debbie) I remembered this from an episode of Nanny 911. If you let the kids sleep with you, or dictate where and when they sleep, it will be a nightmare.  You have to be consistent. Putting them back in their bed over and over again. In one show, the parents had to put the kids back over 60 times, but within a few days they were happily sleeping in their own beds.

Three: Read a short story or look at a picture book together as he settles into bed. (From Linda)

Four: Make a book about his new routine and bed. Use your phone to take pictures of him actually doing the steps, print them out, and let him help you make a book. Then read it every day. You could start with Once Upon A Time a little Josh was born. He’s used to sleeping in a baby bed. Then he grew up and slept in a big boy bed… (From Aesha)

Five: A Lavender essential oil bath seemed to change his attitude and get him to sleep pretty quickly in his new big boy bed. This is something I learned from essential oil expert, Martha Wertz.  She had adopted children from very dysfunctional homes so using bath time and essential oils as part of their routine made a huge difference in their behavior.

I used some of the tips and although my son didn’t sleep right away, on the second day he was calmer and was staying in his bed. These tips do work. Naptime is important for toddlers to recharge and reenergize their little bodies. They are growing at a fast rate and their body needs it. Without a nap, the consequences might be a day of facing a whiny, crying and disobedient kid.

Most parents agree that having a child in the same environment for a nap each day is important. It would be difficult to maintain consistency if they nap one day on the couch, the next on the crib and the next on their own Big Boy Bed.

Our challenge came when we transitioned him to the Big Boy Bed. He enjoyed his new independence and would pull everything off his shelves and out of the drawers.  It was quite frustrating when you spent an hour matching outfits and socks. Some days I would come in and he had picked dirty diapers out of his garbage.

But I knew the consequences would be greater if he didn’t take his nap.  So even though naptime can still be challenging, I am learning from friends and stick with the bouts of screaming and maintain consistency.

But here is a great tip when you get stressed out during the process. When a child screams and you are stressed out, apply and inhale Orange essential oil and calm yourself down. I used to apply Peace and Calming oil to both my son and me but found it worked so good I went to sleep too.

One of my favorite recipes I’ve discovered is Young Living’s Lavender and Sacred Mountain therapeutic essential oils act like a natural sedative to my son after an hour and half of naptime terror. I just anointed him with the oil, put my hand close to him where he can inhale and said a little prayer. At first it seemed like I just did magic but then I remembered how just the aromatherapy of these oils can be so relaxing. I now use it in an essential oil diffuser and the smell is amazing.

Sacred Mountain is a blend of ylang ylang and conifer oils that evokes the sense of peace found in nature and promotes feelings of strength and empowerment, grounding and protection. Lavender helps relax and calm the mind and body.

Since toddlers are growing leaps and bounds everyday, sleep is not the only thing that is important.  Remember to feed them with the right type of good oils.  Use coconut oil and coconut flakes in oatmeal, cookies, cereals, and cooking to get your kids and family some health fats in their diets.

Little ones, like your toddlers especially need it for brain development.

For more information about Sacred Mountain and Lavender essential oils, please check out this Young Living page.

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  • Debbie

    It sure can be hard to be consistent but worht it. I find if I let then know bedtiem is the same but we can let you cchoose a book or something new–so they understand they are getting bigger but sleep is sleep–it helps

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