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They say seeing is believing. And I have to say there is some truth to that. When I talk to a client about health and what their food and life choices are doing to their body, they understand a little bit. But most of the time if they aren’t experiencing any symptoms of dis-ease they are not as motivated to get healthy. Myself included in that statement.

But what if you could actually see inside your body? What if you could see the health of your body?

Live Blood Analysis also called Nutritional Blood Analysis is the use of a Dark Field Microscopy to look at your blood. The use of a simple finger prick allows the technician to sample a drop of blood putting it on a slide to be analyzed immediately. Although it has been discredited by Wikipedia, Main Stream Medicine and others, many Conservative also labeled “Alternative” Practitioners and I believe that it is a very useful tool.

Not only have I studied Hemotology, I also interned in a blood lab for 6 months looking at many slides of blood. I learned a lot about what the different shapes of the RBC meant, what Iron Deficiency may appear like and what white blood cells and fat look like in the blood. I know that everything that this technician stated was valid. In addition, the video of the 46 year old male is my husband who I have also seen his blood work and guess what… it validates these findings.

I just read 31 year old woman Christie’s lab work about 6 months ago and it too validated what her Live Blood Analysis stated.

So we will never be able to say this is a medical diagnosis because it’s not (as long as Big PHARMA is around)… oh did I just say that? But it is a useful tool for everyone. It is extremely affordable for the information you get to visually see for less than 100 dollars.

And I know for myself that following just some of the nutritional recommendations from my previous analysis on January 11, 2014 improved my results.

When you SEE, you believe. So why don’t you check out these videos and see for yourself:

Joshua Truman 4 years old

April 2015:   One year later we see some improvement in iron deficiency but we has increased Fungus and yeast build

up evident in the blood.  My son has not been a great eater this year.  He doesn’t eat a ton of junk food, but he has not been as

good at eating veggies.  After this I am reducing the amount of fungus forming foods in his diet including Bananas, Peanut Butter,  and wheat.

He has had some cases of eczema and I believe it may have been related to the fungus.


31 year old Female Zyto Compass and Live Blood Analysis Agree

April 2014 — below

UPDATE: April 2015  Live Blood Analysis is much improved with free floating cells, round cells, no anemic cells, much decreased fungus.  Christie for the past 6 months has cleaned up her diet eating no sugar, little to no gluten or white or wheat and no junk food.  She has been diligent in following her nutritional supplement protocols including increasing her NingXia Red, Green (Iron) Supplement, Probiotics, eating a Yeast Free Diet, and taking essential oils internally.  Her HARD WORK PAID OFF.

46 year old Male Poor Diet and Lack of Exercise

Live Blood Analysis for the Total Wellness Doc and Mom





Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It’s strictly for informational, educational, or entertainment purposes ONLY. The products I talk about are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. Any information I give you about them is for informational or entertainment purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek the qualified health professional of your choice when making health decisions for yourself, your family and your pets.

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    This is fascinating to see how blood is working in real time! Thanks for sharing!

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      Toni, I know isn’t it sooo cool.

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    If only people truly realized how much insurance and big pharmaceutical companies control their level of health care and not always in their best interest. Can we say monopoly?

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    How can I find someone who does this in my area?