Juice Detox Fast

I couldn't believe how great she looked. I had never seen an accountant look that radiant right after tax season. They normally look burned out, bloated, and like they had a hang over.  (No offense to my accountant friends).  But not Joanne.  Joanne DelBolso from No Fuss Accounting in Cicero, NY was on her 10th day of juicing and she looked RADIANT!  

I spent an entire day with her at an Accounting and Organizational Seminar she gave.  Nine hours of great but brain intensive information.  I was shocked to see her fully energized at 5pm while the rest of us were exhausted.  Then I remembered how energizing fasting could be. 

I wrote about my 7 day juice fast back in October where I almost made it 7 days. Since then I realized I did things kind of wrong and am thinking about giving it another try. Joanne was really motivational and helpful in seeing that you need to work up to it.  You can't just decide you are going to do it tomorrow without investigating a juicer, testing out recipes, slowing down the sugars, and carbs and then gradually going into it.  She planned and achieved! 

Here is her story:

Joanne has more videos.

Here is her video sharing about her juicer and getting ready for your fast. 

Here is her video on how to make her JO JO Juice Recipe and how she drinks it: 
Part I Juice recipe

Part II with more tips 
Joanne has really helped me see that I CAN DO IT and how to make a delicious drink. 

So who wants to join me for a Juice Detox Fast? Leave a comment below if you want to join me.

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  • Dj2me55

    I have done detoxes but I think with my RA active and a cold that will not go away, it is time for a juice fast. Thanks Dr. Mary for the great information

  • Alicia

    I will join ya!  Need to do something here…and have been contemplating a juice fast!  Thanks!

    • Okay I am thinking after Memorial Day weekend… What do you think Alicia?