Mommy Tips: Your Body’s Immune System Doesn’t Come From A Shot

I almost cried yesterday while grocery shopping when I saw innocent men, women and children being injected with a vaccine that will not protect them from what they are afraid of.

For a minute, I began to recall…only in recent years have we seen such stations being set up in major grocery stores. Why is it necessary now? What has a flu shot have to do with grocery shopping?

A reader posted on my Facebook wall with the following:

Yes! I am just so saddened to see people putting their little ones through flu shots – or the elderly – or ANYONE for that matter! So many are blindly following their guidelines. Then, later this fall/winter I will see those same moms posting how sick their kids are…

Colds and flu happens predominantly in winter months, starting in as early as October and could last till March.  Airborne viruses are in higher concentrations in an enclosed space and since most of us stay indoors longer, there is no way we can get away from these viruses and bacteria unless we take preventative measures to change the environment of the space.

According to the New York Times, young children may get 8 to 12 colds every year. Infants may get colds every one to two months as their immune system continues to mature. Smaller children have smaller nasal and sinus passages and colds are ‘almost never cause for concern’ unless it becomes severe or unusual.

Elderly men and women have weaker immune systems and are at a greater risk for common colds and flu. Please read in detail the facts about flu and how to prevent it in an article I wrote last year.

Canadian researchers found out that patient with flu shots were more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus during the pandemic 2008-2009 winter season than those who did not receive the shot.

Such reports always bring about debates and concerns. To sum it up here is one comment by a reader written on September 10 on CTV News website:

This is something I have noticed among people we know. I never have gotten the flu shot, and I can count on 2 hand the number of times, in my lifetime I have had the flu (last time was at LEAST 7 years ago), and same with my hubby. I am 38 and do after school car and frequently volunteer in my kids school, so I am around kids who get sick and all I get is colds. When the flu is going around, we just take more precautions (frequent hand washing, eating foods that boost our immune system, avoid public places as much as possible, etc), that way we minimize our ability to catch it as well as spread it. I think natural defense is the best way to go. We almost got it for our kids with the last “pandemic” but I am glad we didn’t do it. They rarely get the flu and when they do get it, it usually last 1-2 days, rarely longer.

Again, the foods we eat could boost or hurt our immune system. We have put together a Mommy’s Tool Kit for Quick Fix and Cures with 7 blends of essential oils, peppermint and a listening guide (mp3) called 7 Simple Solutions to Fight the Common Cold & Flu with Nature’s Medicine.

Here are two actionable steps to help you achieve a healthier environment at home:

1. Thieves essential oil – diffuse the oil to kill dangerous airborne bacteria and viruses in your indoor space.
2. Get the Mommy’s Tool Kit for Quick Fix and Cures for your family

Remember this is for educational purposes only. We are not here to diagnose and if you have any health issues please consult your doctor.

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  • Debbie

    I have had the bug and several colds (this year alone) but I have never had the flu in my whole life and Lord knows my immune system ain't the strongest. I would never get the flu shot—I will have to pay close attention to thsoe who do and if they get sick this season.

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