Halfway through the year…

How was your 4th of July? I know that everyone reading is not from the US so I hope you had a good Canada Day or first week of July. As we role into the 7th month of the year I realized that half of this year is gone. And instead of writing an article today I thought maybe you could share with me your stressors, health challenges, or things that might be stopping you from achieving Total Wellness.  

Go over to our Facebook Page and let me know what’s bugging you.  We will make sure we address some of these things in upcoming teleclasses, blogs, and newsletters.

As many of you know I ended last year having my second miscarriage in 2011. After some analysis, prayer, and talking to God I realized that some things had to change in my life for me to achieve Total Wellness. For me these first 6 months have been a journey in finding my health again. True health and happiness that I didn’t realize I even lost.

Where are you at? Take a good look. Give yourself a grade on a scale from 0 in the pits – 5 outstanding in the different areas of Total Wellness. Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Health, Family Health, Marriage Health, Financial Health, Your Career, Extended Relationships, Community Health, think of different areas of your health and give it a grade.  

Now look at the areas that you want to improve upon. Make a plan of some small steps you can take to make improvements.  If you struggle with this exercise let me make a suggestion.

PJ McClure the Mindset Maven has a free book called Flip the Switch. In that book there is an exercise that has dramatically helped me to FLIP the Switch and understand what I am working towards. It’s a vision exercise that you work up to. And it is very powerful. Over the past 6 months of using his techniques in Flip the Switch and his program, Your Business your Life, I have seen more improvement in all areas of my wellness.

WHY? Because I have a clear vision of where I am going and I have the belief that I can get there.  

Where are you going? Go check out his stuff, you won’t regret it. 

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  • Dj2me55

    I admit to being too far from my goals, except perhaps not to give up