Do you have G.A.S?


We say it all the time, "I am running out of gas" implying I am running out of fuel, slowing down etc.  But the G.A.S I am talking about has to do with your body's ability to withstand a constant state of stress. 

I think it was the first or second day of Chiropractic College when we heard the name Hans Selye. He was a famous Medical researcher who stressed out mice and people to study how their bodies' responded. He founded this term G.A.S which stands for General Adaptation Syndrome and basically it is what happens in the body when we are under chronic stress.

First let's understand what STRESSes our bodies

  • Physical stress like overworking, lack of sleep, over-training at the gym or in a sport.

  • Emotional Stress – Death, Divorce, Marriage, having a child, raising children and the list goes on.

  • Chemicals from our environment job or home, junk food and other chemicals in foods

  • Even things like being to hot or to cold is stress on the body.

Now you are thinking well everyone has some of these in their life. That's right! Life is life! And we will have challenges and tragedies, but how our body deals with these things can determine the state of our health.

There are three stages that happen during prolonged stress.

Stage 1 ALARM stage  is the FIGHT OR FLIGHT response in our body. Most likely evolved for our survival of fighting or running from beast or people who wanted to harm us.

Stage 2: Resistance Stage and this is what happens when our body is under continuous stress. Our sugar levels elevate to maintain the extra stress load along with a host of other chemical reactions.

Stage 3: Exhaustion Stage when the body can no longer deal with stress and starts to malfunction.

The organ in control of most of this GAS is the adrenal gland located on top of the kidneys.

The adrenal gland is a very important organ and when it get's stressed out for too long and begins to get exhausted… uh ohh you are in trouble. Well it could be the reason why you are tired, overweight, can't sleep, crave sweets, hypoglycemic or diabetic, in pain, get sick all the time, are aging quickly, have cholesterol or blood pressure problems should I keep going…

If you want to know more about the Adrenal Gland and how it works go to my Total Wellness Tuesdays page and scroll all the way down to the bottom and listen to the call labeled Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. 


Here are some simple ways to deal with stress and help your adrenal glands.


#1 : Aromatherapy to the Rescue:

Idaho Balsam Fir has been researched to lower the stress hormone Cortisol by just inhalation.

#2 : Remove or reduce the stressor.

Now this might not sound reasonable if the stressor is your 17 year old daughter or your job. But understand that you must take responsibility for what you let and allow into your environment. I have seen multiple clients' health flourish when they quit a $100,000 a year high stress job and took a $24,000 a year low stress job. The result of course was down sizing their life and lifestyle, but everyone of them says it was the best thing they ever did and how much happier they are.

#3 :  Add minerals to your diet.

Things like Mineral Essence can have a direct affect on how your body deals with stress. In fact blood pressure and swelling may decrease for clients who have Adrenal Exhaustion and get fortified with minerals.

#4 :  Increase your whole food vitamins and nutrients.

My favorite choice for this is True Source and NingXia Red and whole food, plant based vitamin and antioxidant drink that again helps the body deal with stress.

#5) Exercise: 

If you haven't exercised in a while don't go doing 30 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow. That kind of behavior will cause adrenal stress. Instead start with 5 minutes the first day, 10 minutes the next, work up to 20 minutes for a one or two days or weeks depending on your health before you increase.


#6)  Add adrenal support. Simple things like Young living's nutmeg oil applied over the thyroid and adrenal glands may be beneficial, but some people with severe exhaustion will actually need adrenal supplements like Thyromin.


Adrenal Exhaustion is a serious thing.  If you feel you have serious health issue seek help from a health professional competent in this area.


 I have spent the last decade working with women who find me as a last resort. Usually when they have been mis-diagnosed with symptoms like depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or anxiety. Although real things the main cause of their dis-ease has been overlooked. I truly feel this condition is one of the main culprits to many of those suffering out there. So ask yourself could my real problem be G.A.S…..

I look forward to hearing your answers. Please post your answers below. 


Dr. Mary Starr Carter

the Total Wellness Doc



Dr. Mary Starr Carter has assisted more than 4000 clients in over 6 countries. Known as the "Total Wellness Doc"  her wholistic approach helps the entire family physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  With a specialty of helping difficult cases like Fibromyalgia clients she is known to "find the missing piece of the puzzle".  Clients state that not only does her teaching and coaching help them get on the road to recovery, saving them thousands of dollars, but many feel empowered again and no longer hopeless.  Initially Dr. Starr was trained as a non-traditional Chiropractor and then went on to study with some of the worlds foremost leaders in natural medicine. Her clients love her caring and warm personality and her teaching an coaching style is a simple step by step solutions anyone can do. 



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