Fibromyalgia & Pain Program

You don’t have to live with fibromyalgia…
After coping for years with health issues herself, treated and consulted with over thousands of fibromyalgia sufferers, Dr. Mary Starr Carter will show you how to use a wholistic approach to cut off fibromyalgia and regain your natural total wellness. These methods are not taught by many in the medical professions.
In this 4 part recording, Dr. Mary will teach you how to:
You don't have to live with fibromyalgia
 Get back deep sleep and regular sleep patterns
 Stop being overly medicated and feeling lousy and drowsy
 Remove constant pain and muscle aches
 Gain more energy and not feeling fatigue
 Stop mental fogginess and depression
 Identify chemical toxicity
 Discover food allergies and food to avoid
 Do simple test you can take privately
 Save thousands of dollars on medical bills
 Regain total wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and financially
 Discover natural health solutions
Dear Friends,
Dr. Mary Starr Carter is making available her own personal tools and methods for the first time… the secrets to her many years of success with thousands of clients locally and internationally who suffered from fibromyalgia.
In this 4 part recording are step by step, easy to follow instructions with an Action Guide book for you to follow along.

Part 1

Dr. mary Starr

Dr Mary Starr Identify symptoms of fibromyalgia… 6 keys to help pinpoint symptoms
Dr Mary Starr How traditional medicine fail to kill the roots of your problems
Dr Mary Starr Stories of clients who have gone from chronic pain to complete healing
Dr Mary Starr Ways to increase more energy
Dr Mary Starr How to gain sleep and have a regular sleep pattern
Part 2Dr. Mary Starr
Dr Mary Starr Recognize why you feel and say “I am not the same since….” and what to do about it
Dr Mary Starr Why most women struggle with fatigue and constant tiredness and steps to eliminate fatigue problems
Dr Mary Starr Toxicity in your body and how to reduce them
Dr Mary Starr Your blood sugar and nutritional status
Dr Mary Starr How to identify and treat adrenaline exhaustion
Part 3 Dr. Mary Starr
Dr Mary Starr Discover how much water you need per day
Dr Mary Starr Food allergies
Dr Mary Starr Food to avoid
Dr Mary Starr Get rid of yeast infection, Candida and fungus
Dr Mary Starr Action steps with questions to help spot symptoms like abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, loss of sexual desires
Part 4Dr. Mary Starr
Dr Mary Starr Stories of clients go from pain to freedom and now helping others
Dr Mary Starr How to stay consistent and help your body heal
Dr Mary Starr Natural relief and technique you can follow
Dr Mary Starr Different types of natural healing remedies
Dr Mary Starr Cancer survivor stories of total wellness
Are you  suffering? Are you ready to take a journey of recovery from…?
Pain Lupus
Sleep disturbances Irritable bowel
Fatigue Rheumatoid
Migraine Asthma
No strength Diverticulitis
Digestive pain Hurt when touched
Can’t lose weight Muscle aches
Immune disorders Yeast infection
Bladder dysfunction Crohn’s disease
Depression Joint stiffness
Anxiety Achy body
Allergies Headache
Ready to say it is enough….pain and misery be gone! Me too!!
If you are serious  about living your life of being healthy, full of energy, happy, light and love…don’t wait any longer.
You will receive:
Dr Mary Starr 4 recordings of over 4 hours that you can play back over and over again like having Dr. Mary coaching you daily.
Dr Mary Starr An e-book of over 50 pages that you can follow along with the recordings with actionable practical steps.
Dr Mary Starr And a BONUS recording: Dr. Mary interviewing Sandi Krakowski of Sandi shares her journey from pain to total wellness and freedom. This recording alone will absolutely change your life.
Get your complete set of recordings and e-book downloaded instantly to your computer. You can download them to your mp3 and print out the e-book to follow along. There is no physical product to be delivered to your home. You get instant access and can start taking action today.

a $600 value but Grab your’s today for $97

Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • Ellen Barbagallo

    Fortunately I have never been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have never had the symptons described above, so I feel very fortunate.
    Fibromyalgia is being more talked about in the recent years and I think I am beginning too understand a little more about this problem with many people.
    Actually, I worked with a good friend  ( age in mid-30′s) who has been diagnosed and I am going to absolutely send her this article.

    Thank you Mary:))