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Dear Friend,

13 years ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I was in Chiropractic College at the time and although I had some relief, I still suffered with terrible allergies, sinus headaches, insomnia and excess weight. I was very skeptical in the beginning because my background is in science and biochemistry, so I had to research and study this stuff myself.

I did that for an entire year; testing Young Living essential oils and other company's essential oils. I found that not only did I not find any oils that compared in purity (as many of YL oils can be taken internally) but no other oils got the results I experienced that first year. I started sleeping through the night with Young Living's Peace and Calming oil, my sinuses and allergies symptoms practically disappeared with YL's Peppermint and Lavender essential oils, and I found my moods improve and my test anxiety get better with Valor oil.

At the same time, I learned a technique called Raindrop and practiced on family and friends. In one year's time I found the oils worked for me and several of the people I shared with found the oils worked great too. Although I didn't understand, a $100 dollar commission check showed up in my mailbox because of the sharing I did. Wow! In a year I realized that I had something very special and could use it to help others and make an income.

In 2001 my personal life was a mess and I was living on government assistance and food stamps, but amongst the bad, I had these wonderful oils and a vision. I went to the woman who taught me about oils, Kathy Kouwe, and said what if we do this as a business. She said okay and the first thing we did was write down our goals.

Well to make a long story short, today we have both far surpassed those goals and now our vision is to get Young Living essential oils in every home in the world.

It might sound crazy to you but once you experience what Young Living essential oils can do and how much money you can save in 1 years time, you will be a believer too. Go ahead and view our product catalog below or download it.

If you have questions about ordering contact our office at 315-883-1943.

Thank you for your commitment to improving your health.


Dr. Mary Starr Carter
The Total Wellness Doc and Mom
Essential Oil Expert and Director of StarrHealth Ministries
Bringing Essential Oils to Every Home in the World


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