• dj2me

    I use Thieves for all my household cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen, furniture, spills and treating mold–even on my granddaughter when she has an accident and know it is completely safe for her

  • Ebarbagallo

    Great information!  I am just beginning to use thieves cleaner and I am also going to use it for my tanning bed to disinfect.  It is a wonderful tool in the hoiusehold and out!  And much cheaper than the store bought cleaners with all the chemicals and toxins.

  • Verda

    Just cleaned my kitchen floor [Olefin indoor carpet] with warm water, thieves and a microfiber cloth…..took about an hour but it feels and smells clean.

    • Thieves is a wonderful smell and without any harmful chemicals.  Great job Verda!

  • Vaw4beacon

    clean other people’s houses and use exclusively Thieves Cleaner,
    toilets, sinks, floors, counters, tubs, everything, fruits and veggies,
    in the hand wash foamer, sprayed in my throat if it gets tickly while
    I’m cleaning. Undiluted or diluted on poison ivy. My sister killed the
    pain of a wasp sting with it and the next morning there was no evidence
    of it.

  • Lori

    Thanks for the information.  I need to incorporate Thieves cleaner in more ways in my home.

  • linda

    I put Thieves Cleaner in unscented baby wipes and use them for Eventing in my house, even in my parrot cages…perfectly safe!!

    • marystarr

      your house must smell amazing