• Angela Brooks

    GOOD information – I have always been amazed at the colon and how it is like a slug for so many people. Most people are not FAT they are full of ….. !
    I look forward to more information specially since today was my first day on the YL cleanse

  • Thanks, Dr. Mary! I was familiar with most of these, with the exception of Massage your belly. That was new to me, but it makes perfect sense.

  • Very good article. Thank you. what is massage your belly? I mean, it makes sense, you know?

  • Sheila Scott

    i make sure i have two ninja red bottles filled with water in my fridge – I know i have to drink both of these during the day to get my water intake.  It really helps. 

  • Harmony

    30 Days of (1) more water and (2) Daily Exercise for Wintertime Wellness Contest. Week#1: (1) Water daily, (2) Walked Daily

  • Youareharmony

    Greetings Mary. I am reporting in for the Wintertime Fun Contest 2012. I chose this blog post for my 30 day challenge. After another week, I have benefited with a firmer body, more energy, clearer thinking and more gratitude.This is from consciously carrying water with me daily and drinking it as the first thing of my day before other beverages or food. For daily exercise, walking 30 minutes as a standard exercise, some days I add 5-15 of jumping rope, 5-20 minutes of yoga, 5-10 minutes of strengthening exercises for lower & upper body.

  • Nancy

    I am going to drink more water for my 30 day challenge.

  • Dr. Mary Starr

    Way to go Nancy and Ayo.  You just feel better when your body is hydrated.  Just remember you will be running to the bathroom a whole lot during the first week or so of your water increase.