The Colon: The Hub of Health

This picture is not to embarrass us or make fun but to show you the reality of a congested colon.  Many people think a big belly is all fat but it is not. Many times the impaction of old feces causes this stretched out belly look in men and some women. Typically women will begin with their lower abdomen getting bigger and then the upper belly. Years ago I began to understand this concept when I looked down at the scale I couldn't believe my eyes. Did I really just lose 4 lbs in one day ?   I re-weighed myself and the answer was yes I did.  How could it be?  I hadn't changed the way I had been eating, I haven't exercised more. There was only one thing different I was doing and that was pooping. From childhood to my twenties I was constipated a lot but didn't realize it.  Because I would go maybe once a day or every other day and didn't think anything of it.  When I began my Chiropractic career and started studying nutrition and diet and the importance of a healthy colon I learned that the COLON IS THE HUB OF HEALTH.  If it is not moving properly and expelling waste you could end up with a lot of symptoms and dis-eases all because of a backed up colon. SO WHAT IS NORMAL ? Normal Bowel Movements should occur once daily and ideally two to three times. From the time food goes in the mouth to the toilet should be between 12 to 24 hours. If food is staying in the colon longer than 24 hrs than YOU ARE CONSTIPATED. Less time is indicates other colon issues like diverticulitis, or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Are you tired or Toxic? The longer food stays in your system the longer it rots and putrefies causing toxins to be released into your body. Ever wonder why you might get skin issues, headaches, stiff joints when you are constipated? YOUR BODY IS TOXIC. Think about your garbage on a hot summer day…. now imagine 98 degrees of rotting garbage for days. That is exactly what is happening in your colon. Constipation can be so bad it leads to autointoxication (a form of self blood poisoning), which causes a wide range of disorders including autoimmune dis-eases. Additionally, slow transit time can lead to build up of toxic material on the intestinal walls. This can lead reduced nutrient absorption or mal- absorption, which the body of nutrients needed to create energy and vitality. Fatigue and depression, could be constipation. TEST YOUR COLON HEALTH Here is a simple test to see if you are normal. Take a spoon full of sesame seeds down whole without chewing them or you could use the standard corn test.  (hopefully you know what I mean)   Note the time when you ate and when you see the first seeds or corn expel into the toilet and hopefully the last. If the time from when you ate and when you saw the last of the seeds or corn expel is less than 12 hours  or greater than 24hrs your digestion is off. 5 HELPFUL TIPS WITH CONSTIPATION (from our Colon Help Recorded TeleClass) 1) Drink more water. 2) Exercise daily 3) Take in more Fiber 4)  Massage your Belly 5)  Eat regularly If you are serious about improving your digestion and getting some colon help we like to give you our Colon Help Teleseminar valued at $47 FREE when you register with our Free Fibromyalgia Action Guide at .    When you register you will receive over $100 dollars worth of training on how to get a restful night's sleep, improve your energy, decrease your pain and get your digestion working again. Keep us posted of your progress and challenges by posting on your Face Book page at Mary Starr Parmley Carter. We are here to support you visit us at Dr. Mary Starr Carter has assisted more than 4000 clients in over 6 countries. Known as the "Total Wellness Doc"  her wholistic approach helps the entire family physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  With a specialty of helping difficult cases like Fibromyalgia clients she is known to "find the missing piece of the puzzle".  Clients state that not only does her teaching and coaching help them get on the road to recovery, saving them thousands of dollars, but many feel empowered again and no longer hopeless.  Initially Dr. Starr was trained as a non-traditional Chiropractor and then went on to study with some of the worlds foremost leaders in natural medicine. Her clients love her caring and warm personality and her teaching an coaching style is a simple step by step solutions anyone can do. ********************************************************************** Where is the Total Wellness Doc? Dr. Mary Starr will be teaching in Hattiesburg Mississippi and Crestview Florida Thursday March 10th and  March 12th at 10:30 – 12:00pm. Call our office at 1888-351-6850 ****************************************************************** Here is a special gift for you. 2011 tips for Releasing Weight, Elevating your mood, increasing your energy, and raising your libido This is a 40 minute recorded teleclass To listen to the replay, click this link:


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Great info! M Wynholds Excellent tips that are simple enough for everyone to do. J Cooper ****************************************************


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  • Angela Brooks

    GOOD information – I have always been amazed at the colon and how it is like a slug for so many people. Most people are not FAT they are full of ….. !
    I look forward to more information specially since today was my first day on the YL cleanse

  • Amity Hook-Sopko

    Thanks, Dr. Mary! I was familiar with most of these, with the exception of Massage your belly. That was new to me, but it makes perfect sense.

  • jeremykrak

    Very good article. Thank you. what is massage your belly? I mean, it makes sense, you know?

  • Sheila Scott

    i make sure i have two ninja red bottles filled with water in my fridge – I know i have to drink both of these during the day to get my water intake.  It really helps. 

  • Harmony

    30 Days of (1) more water and (2) Daily Exercise for Wintertime Wellness Contest. Week#1: (1) Water daily, (2) Walked Daily

  • Youareharmony

    Greetings Mary. I am reporting in for the Wintertime Fun Contest 2012. I chose this blog post for my 30 day challenge. After another week, I have benefited with a firmer body, more energy, clearer thinking and more gratitude.This is from consciously carrying water with me daily and drinking it as the first thing of my day before other beverages or food. For daily exercise, walking 30 minutes as a standard exercise, some days I add 5-15 of jumping rope, 5-20 minutes of yoga, 5-10 minutes of strengthening exercises for lower & upper body.

  • Nancy

    I am going to drink more water for my 30 day challenge.

  • Dr. Mary Starr

    Way to go Nancy and Ayo.  You just feel better when your body is hydrated.  Just remember you will be running to the bathroom a whole lot during the first week or so of your water increase. 

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