Bible and Ancient Secrets for Depression

Bible and Ancient Secrets for Depression

By Dr. Mary Starr Carter


This morning while listening to Proverbs I heard this statement and it rang in my ear loudly.  Proverbs 27:9  “Oil and perfume make the heart glad…. “    And I was reminded how true this statement is.  Science has proven that therapeutic essential oils can uplift our moods. Biblical scriptures and other historical documents also state this and millions have experienced the power of essential oils.  I call it God's medicine Science Proven.

My Experience with Essential oils and Depression 

Several years ago after a long 4 day labor and the eventual birth of my son I fell into a serious depression. My mind did not recognize what was going on but my mother realized it and started me on a simple aromatherapy session with what I call the oil of gladness, Young Living's Essential oil Joy.  Joy is a beautiful blend of therapeutic healing essential oils. She stuck a small tissue in the pocket closest to my nose.  I would just bend my head down and inhale this oil.  In just a about a day my mind started coming back.

There are almost 200 references to essential oils, herbs, incense, ointments, and spices in the Bible.  Here are 4 references to Oils of Joy and Gladness  

Psalms 45:7

Proverbs 27:9

Isaiah 61:3

Hebrews 1:9 

In Biblical times and throughout history therapeutic essential oils were a part of the culture.  Today that is lost amongst synthetically made perfumes and bath and body work products.  Understand that Young Living's nature made products not only have potent smells but also healing benefits because of the way they are made. Some essential oils cost hundreds of dollars to make just 5 mm of oil.  Your $50 favorite perfume that comes in that 2 oz bottle may have a small amount of essential oils but mostly synthetically made chemicals. In fact the word perfume can have up to 100 different chemicals within it. Science has not been able to create the synthetic equivalent of therapeutic essential oils.

Young Living has done extensive research of Biblical documents and Historical data to create specific blends of essential oils for affecting our emotional health. 

How can I use Essential oils to help depression? 

Inhalation Therapy – Diffusers

Therapeutic Essential oils produced by Young Living Essential oils are extremely medicinal for mood upliftment.  For best results getting essential oils into the air of your home and work environment are very important.  You can do this best with a  Therapro Diffuser.   They are diffused in more than 3 dozen nursing homes across the United States because they help keep the clients alert, upbeat and decrease the incidence of violence and sundowners syndrome. Teachers are using Young Living oils  to help uplift the children in the morning and after lunch.  Simple diffusion of citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and Citrus Fresh are both economical and easy.  This diffuser can be set to run 15 minutes every 2 hrs which saves money but has your space smelling great. 

Inhalation Therapy – smell 10 or more times a day

In our office we laugh about a product called the PMS stick… (it also has other names) and what it is is a nasal inhaler similar to the old Vick's inhalers with our special essential oil blend that helps calm our moods, relax the body and de-stress us. 

Here are a list of our favorite essential oil blends that uplift the moods.  And my opinions from personal experience and clients experiences with them. 

Joy very uplifting can be offensive when your body really needs it.  Nice as a perfume.

Stress Away  -  calming and peaceful lime and vanilla scents relax the body during stress or preventively.   Very good for grief and depression. Comes in a roll on, but many clients like to smell on a tissues throughout the day.

Peace and Calming  - nice to use when mind is racing and can't calm down. Can uplift out of a funk, or relax out of a mania.

Tranquil -  Completely awesome for calming the mind and body.   Comes in a roll on put on temples, neck and ears for peace.

Forgiveness- very good for depression caused form trauma, abuse, death, or long term depression. Topical application on the abdomen as well as inhalation is excellent.

Abundance – a high frequency potent blend excellent for home or business diffusion.

Ruta Vala  -  comes in both a roll on and 5mL. Some use a few drops internally for serious depression and insomnia. Topical use and inhalation.  Very good for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Can be offensive smell for those who really need it. 

Highest Potential  - a deep tone smell this oil is very uplifting used as an anointing oil on the top of the head, in an aromatherapy necklace, or in a fan diffuser.

 I must remind you that if you are on medication for depression DO NOT GO OFF THEM without your doctors permission or a qualified health professional you can work with. Taking yourself off these medications is dangerous and can cause death.  Unfortunately I have seem this outcome more than I wish  in acquaintances and friends.  For more information about Anti-Depressants including SSRI's and how to safely get off these medications visit 

So many clients suffering with Chronic Illness like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome also struggle with depression.  Because many are on numerous and potent medications it can be difficult to add one more drug without experiencing awful side effects.   Inhalation of Young Living essential oils may be a positive and safe way to improve your health.

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Dr. Mary Starr Carter has worked with thousands of clients from terminally ill and chronic diseases to those who are healthy and want vibrant health.  She has counseled hundreds of families who had given up hope find simple safe solutions. Known as the Total Wellness Doc she looks at all aspects of health to help someone overcome disease.    She specializes in difficult cases like Fibromyalgia,  Hormone and Adrenal issues, Asthma, Diabetes and Chronic pain.


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  • Dj2me55

    after 10 years on antidepressants and all the side affects, the oils have made a rpofound difference in my life.

    • Elaine

      Did you go off your antidepressant medication all at once and if so did it have any negative effects?  What was the doctor that had prescribed these medicines to you have to say about the essential oils?

  • Rachel Jones

    I am so grateful to know that there are so many choices of oils that can lift me out of depression.  I have used the oils for years but I did not realize there were so many options.  Thank you!

  • Kathrynfaso

    I am so happy to be always learning and learning and learning about all the ways our oils relate in our lives. EVERY aspect of our selves is revealed as we delve deeper and more consciously into daily life. Thank you Dr. Mary for your dedication to the spreading of the knowledge of these BEAUTIFUL biblical oils. This was my FIRST kit after the original Essential 7. My FAVORITE. What an experience I had when they first arrived in my home.

  • DianaFlam

    I have a couple friends who this might really help! And even to keep my spirits up! Thank you so much for sharing this information!

  • Vivian

    I am just getting into the YL oils and I gotta tell you, the “Joy” is the best! My daughter teases me and says I smell like a hippie that has just ran through a wild flower field…LOL  Thank you for this post, I own/operate a Home Daycare and I hear the Thieves works great on killing germs in the air!

  • Mary Anne Zani

    I love this article by Dr. Mary Starr on depression and ” God’s Medicine, Science Proven.” I was first introduced to the healing power of a Biblical Oil through Kathryn Faso, my dear friend who anointed me head, eyes and hands with this precious oil after my cancer surgery. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and instinctively and intuitively knew this oils would heal me. For the next seven months following surgery, I inhaled, diffused and ingested this beautiful oil that was given to the Christ Child. As our leader and teacher, Dr. Gary Young says, “Get yourself an owners’ manual.” That’s right, the way to live, eat and heal is all in the Bible. If you are new, take the first step and start adding drops of YL orange oil to your water. You are given the gift of oxygen into your cells. How awesome this is? I also used throughout seven months of chemo therapy and still wear Joy oil in my oil necklace. What a gift to inhale the beautiful scents of  Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosewood, Lemon, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, and Rose oils. This truly brings Joy.

  • Anonymous

    I really love reading how much essential oils have helped people!  The use of them is so clear in the Bible–I’m not sure how I missed that they could still be used today for so many years.  Thanks for a great article!

  • Anonymous

    I really love reading how much essential oils have helped people!  The use of them is so clear in the Bible–I’m not sure how I missed that they could still be used today for so many years.  Thanks for a great article!

  • S.Leslie

    With your permission I would like to repost. Is that ok with you?

  • Alicia

    thanks Mary for this great info!

  • Jodie Burns

    Great article and eyeopening about the oils being mentioned in the Bible so many times. I will pay closer attention now to what the Bible has to say about oils and perfume.

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