The Good Lie

Miracles are made

Have you ever watched a movie that affected you profoundly? You know a movie that gets you really thinking about the world and how you could make it a better place? Every week I mark in my calendar to watch what I call a “Miracle Movie”. A “Miracle Movie” qualification is any movie that makes me better for watching it. This past week it was “The Good Lie”.

The Good Lie is a fictional story about a real world reality, “the Lost Boys”. It is amazingly well written and then directed by Ron Howard. You will be crying, laughing, and cheering on the characters. Many of the actors are actually “Lost Boys” from Sudan giving this movie much more creditability.

The movie shares the Bible and faith which is wonderful but the bonds and great love these “Lost Boys” share among each other is overwhelming. Without giving away the plot, The Good Lie story reflects Jesus’ sacrifice of self-less love.

The Good LieAlthough my children are little right now, this movie is one that I will definitely show them when they are older. It’s done in a way that is not overly terrifying or gruesome. I want my kids to be exposed to the reality of the world. I want them to understand the needs of the world. I want them to know there is good and bad in the world. Why? Because I think it may help to mold them into better people.

I lived in a bubble for more than half of my life. I didn’t know there was still genocide in the world until I was 18 and I was 35 when I learned there was still human slavery. If we live in a bubble most our lives not realizing that poverty and or needs are all around us then there is a likely chance that our impact on the world will be little.

God calls us to help others in need. To do this we need to wake up to what and where the needs are in the world. Education empowers us to make a difference. So parents why not join me and wake up to the needs of the world so we can raise children who will be WORLD CHANGERS.


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