A Deep Connection


Have you ever had a deep connection with a friend or sibling? You know the kind of connection when you are thinking about that person and all of a sudden they call you? My dad and I have had that connection. I have had times where I would be going to pick up the phone to call him and the phone would ring and there he would be.

As a kid I didn’t grow up with my dad. I may have seen him every other weekend when I was little but then as an adolescent it might have been every few weekends.  He became a ”snowbird” (a retired person who lives the winter months in Florida) while I was in college and with the demands of running a business and family, our visits are now down to a few times a year. But there is still that deep connection there.


Like the winter I was pregnant with my son and my dad was on my mind quite a bit.  Somewhere inside I knew something wasn’t right.  When he got back from Florida that spring he told me he had had Prostate Cancer and had undergone Radiation Therapy during the winter. He didn’t want me worrying while being pregnant… but somehow I knew something was wrong.


A Parent-Child bond is deep. I am not talking about the worry, stress and fear that a parent feels when a child takes a new step in this world. I am talking about something deeper.

MeandJoshieWeird Experience

Recently at a kids’ church function my 5 year old son ran blindly into a metal railing that immediately put  a huge goose egg on his forehead. The cries and tears were an indicator this was a serious OWEEEE.

We got him checked out and used our natural remedies and he went back to playing.  Slower than usual with a little less vibrancy. About 15 minutes later I started getting a bad headache on one side of my head. I thought it was a result of tight muscles and joints that needed a Chiropractic adjustment. We got home and my head was HURTING….  My son also appeared to still be in a little discomfort, touching his bump on his head.  We used some more natural remedies and put him to bed.

I went and took an Epsom Salt bath with essential oils to see if it would alleviate my discomfort. My headache didn’t stop and increased some in pain. I finally went upstairs to go bed only to see my son was still awake. I went over to ask him if he was okay and if his head hurt. He said yes. So I started to anoint and pray over my son. Instantly my headache stopped. I pulled my hands away and I could feel it come back some…  WEIRD… I anointed and prayed over him again and my headache stopped.  I did this several times and then I felt as if God was showing me the connection that a Child and Parent have. It was the strangest thing, but I believe at a deep level that we are connected to our children.

Have you ever experienced these deep connections with your children or loved ones? I would love to hear about them. Please share with me below.

God Bless you and your family,

Mary Starr Carter
the Total Wellness Doc and Mom



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