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This information is not to diagnose or prescribe but to share information.  StarrHealth Ministries and Dr. Mary Starr Carter does not diagnose or prescribe.  If you feel you have a serious health issue please seek competent medical advice.


Did you miss this Past Tuesday’s Total Wellness Tuesday Teleclass?

Your Questions answered to your biggest health challenges. 

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:

YOUR TRAVEL HEALTH KIT: You know it happens every year. You travel for the Holidays and although it wonderful to see friends or even vacation something always comes up.  A bladder infection, a cold or flu, food poisoning, smelly moldy hotel rooms, and who knows what. Here is a list of 5 things you must have to prevent and deal with problems while you travel. Click here to listen:

Special Guest Presenter: Mike “the Miracle” Welch 

Pregnancy: This training is a call specific to Pregnancy and issues of pregnancy.  Nutrition, Morning Sickness, Healthy eating and guest speaker Tiffany Rowan share about Young Living essential oils and the benefits to pregnant moms. Click below to listen to the recording:

Asthma & What can you do to prevent and help Respiratory issues?

Asthma and Respiratory issues can cause serious distress.  Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with respiratory issues.  Learn some simple techniques and things you can do to prevent and reduce respiratory issues.  Click Below to Listen to this Recording:

Health Therapies that work: In this recording you will learn health therapies that work and are the best investment for the results you want:

Cancer Talk with Cancer Survivors and Thriv-ers:
Mary Anne Zani and Mike the Miracle Welch
These 2 share there stories of using therapeutic essential oils and Young Living supplements and nutrition to help in their recovery:




  • Victoria Gazeley

    Just wanted to mention that your show on anxiety is superb!!  What a gift to people.  I’m going to share this… :)