Protected: Periods are not a Plague: How I eliminated Cramping, Moodiness, and PMS with Natural Medicine

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  • Dj2me

    I wish I had this information 30+ years ago, it would have saved me so much agony, depression and damage to my ovaries and uterus. I had suffered with these symptoms and more and it eventually culminated in losing 7 babies and my female organs, but not till I suffered for far too long.

  • Verda

    I never had any problems so I really cannot relate to this blog but after reading it, I count my blessings.

  • Ebarbagallo

    Excellent information!  I never had too many symptoms myself, but my daughter will sure appreciate all this info:)  Thanks Mary

  • Naynay0372

    Had a partial hysterectomy 2yrs ago because of pain,irregular bleeding,and fibroid tumors.Still continue to have “phantom ” periods w/all the symptoms except actual bleeding. Would u still recommend Arvigo Therapy? HELP!!!

    • Dr. Mary Starr Carter

      I know many women who have had hysterectomies that get Arvigo to help with abdominal wellness.  You may want to try Young living essential oils of Dragon Time or Frankincense to calm your system.  Apply them directly on lower abdomen during distress or even the reflex points around the ankles daily as a maintenance. Go to  for more information on those oils. 

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