Back and Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Pain Syndromes, Sciatica, Scoliosis all Helped with Raindrop Technique

I have been studying, doing a technique that helps Fibromyalgia, Back and Neck Pain, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Pain Syndromes, Injured Discs, Sciatica, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Pain from Osteoporosis for over 13 years.  This Technique is called Raindrop Technique.  It uses 9 different therapeutic essential oils along the back, neck, and feet along with a variety of different pressure releases and moist heat.


It was developed by Gary Young the founder Young Living Essential oils and the pioneering single force in bringing therapeutic essential oils to this country. Originally developed for family members to assist loved ones suffering from pain disorders or even cancer today it is an internationally renowned therapy assisting both the receiver and giver.
While in Chiropractic school I learned this technique by practicing on about 4-5 people a weekend. Even before I was good at the technique I saw amazing results with Raindrop technique. I saw a 5 year chronic pain client have his pain eliminated in a session. I had friends who would get sick with a cold or flu and some would come to me for a Raindrop and they recovered in a day versus their friends being sick for 2 weeks who did not receive Raindrop Technique.
When I graduated I practiced Chiropractic with a Raindrop Technique included before every adjustments.  The fans gave me rave reviews. "Dr. Mary is the best adjuster", "No one can adjust me like Dr. Mary" ,  "One of Dr. Starr's treatments is like 5 of my other Chiropractors."  It wasn't that I was a phenomenal Chiropractic adjuster but rather that the Raindrop Technique did most of the work for me. It relaxed the muscles, loosened the restricted joints, and deeply relaxed the body. This made the adjustments quite easy.  
But because I am a Chemist and skeptic at heart I conducted my own study of over 100 cases with Raindrop Technique. We measured pain, height before and after, pH before and after, sleep, and general feelings of well being. Here are my results.


Dr. Starr's 100 person Study of Raindrop Technique 

Pain was measured on a Scale from 0 – 10  0 being no pain and 10 being unbearable pain.

With clients who marked their chart anywhere from a 3-8 90%  experienced a 30-80% reduction in pain on average, and about 5% were completely out of pain, 5% were the same of worse. 

pH  Measurement (or the amount of Acid of Inflammation in the body)

85% of clients reduced the acid and inflammation in their body (became more Alkaline)

10% remained the same

5% became more acidic 


Clients on average grew millimeters or centimeters from the muscle relaxation and spinal stretching.


60% of clients notice improvement in sleep after a Raindrop Session

40%  did not notice a change

General Feelings

100%  Noted feelings of being more relaxed and less stressed

60% note an improved mood that lasts for days

20% notice improved breathing (especially in asthma and allergy cases)


Fibromyalgia clients notice much improvement in pain, stiffness, sleep and joint mobility especially the next day. Most improvement for Fibromyalgia clients is seen after 5 sessions within 6-8 weeks.


Both functional (muscle and joint related) scoliosis and anatomical scoliosis (where the spinal bones are deformed) noted improvement in back pain.  Functional scoliosis can see improvement in curve 10-30% with one treatment.   Best results seen with consistent treatments monthly or every 6 weeks. 



Every MS client I have worked on has seen improvement in symptoms and reduction in symptoms if they are not on heavy medications.


With regular weekly or daily Raindrops clients and Caretakers note improvement in moods, dementia symptoms, gait, and other related pain symptoms. 

Cleansing and Detoxification

Detoxification may occur in some people during and/or following the Raindrop Technique. Symptoms can include a rash, headache, or flu-like symptoms. People with some conditions or those in certain professions may be more likely to experience detoxification including:

Hair Dressers    Past Chemotherapy  Smokers,   Drug users or those taking many prescription medications,  Obese clients and those on Anti-depressants. 

Ironically these clients if do Raindrop Technique in series also experience the most improvement in symptoms.  

Interestingly Dr. David Stewart the Director of the CARE Seminars and author of Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique studied 10,000 different Raindrop Sessions from Vacationers all over the United States, Canada and abroad.  Here are his results.


Taken from Dr. David Stewart's Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique


  • 97% of clients reported a positive experience

  • Only 0.5% were unhappy with the treatment

  • 86% saw emotional improvement

  • 98% saw physical improvement

  • 99.9% of clients would have another treatment

  • The most commonly reported unpleasant

  • experiences 

  • were burning sensation on the skin, rash, nausea,

  • headache, and tiredness (typical detoxification symptoms)

  • The most commonly reported improvements were less

  •   back pain, reduced cold/flu, euphoria, feeling more

  •   energized, and relieved stress/anxiety

Raindrop Technique is not a cure and if not performed correctly by a qualified Raindrop Technician could be less than optimal. If you struggle with pain, Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's, Scoliosis, Back or Neck Pain, Disc Injury or just a whole lot of stress than give Raindrop technique a try.  If you have a chronic condition I recommend you commit to at least 5 sessions done within 8 weeks.  If you have just general aches and pains than why not try a Raindrop once a month or every 6 weeks for maintenance care.  

Those clients including myself who get Raindrop regularly are Happier and Healthier. 

If you are in the Central New York area call our office or go to  to learn more

If you would like to become really proficient in learning the Raindrop Technique then take our 20 hour Certification course this May or June 2011.  To learn more click here  Raindrop 20hr Certification.

In Good Health ; 


Dr. Mary Starr Carter

the Total Wellness doc


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  • debbie

    I have had several Raindrop techniques and each one has had amazing results. One took away severe cold symptoms within a day, while others eased migraines, muscle soreness and emotional stress. Dr. Mary is amazing and I would personally recommend this treatment to everyone I know.

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