• Dr. Mary Starr

    Great question came in about using Comfortone for more than 2 weeks at a time.  Because Comfortone does have Cascara Sagrada which the FDA requires all products must be marked that contain this herbd with a warning of not to be used over extended periods.  

    Comfortone is a combination of herbs and essential oils that naturally and gently get the colon moving.  But the key is to listen to your body and adjust your supplements as required. 

    The end goal is to get the colon moving regularly after your cleanse and keep it moving with plenty of water, exercise, and a good diet. 

  • Debbie

    I have had great results from doing this cleanse. Think my body is telling me I need another one, inflammation and feeling too tired

  • Ebarbagallo

    Very Very interesting blog Mary:)  I did not realize the importance of a cleanse until I read all the great information that you are sharing with us.

    I have such GREAT results with all of the products that I have (Thank you to you and Debbie so much).tried through Young Living and I will definitely be trying this cleanse.

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your twice a week BLOGS!

  • I’m into my first week right now and will be increasing my Comfortone intake tomorrow. Great article for anyone who wants a step by step guidance for colon cleansing. Thanks so much Dr. Mary for sharing this useful info.

  • Kathryn

    This Cleansing Trio will be arriving in my house in about a week. So glad for the extra tips here as I am starting this WITH A FOCUS very soon. Thank you Dr. Mary!

  • Laura

    Is ut safe to do a colon cleanse while pregnant?

    • marystarr

      Great question, you would have to discuss it with your doctor. For me I don’t believe in dumping any toxins the first trimester and in the 2nd and 3rd more gentle approaches, but I will say getting the poop out of the body is very important when your pregnant.

      • Laura

        What do you recommend for getting the poop out? I am 20 weeks.

  • Laura

    What would you suggest for a more gentle approach?

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  • CyandTraci Hutcherson

    How do I get a password? I subscribed to your blog, but don’t know how to get a password.

    • Dr Mary Starr

      Sorry but this Blog will only be available to Association Members. The FDA doesn’t want us mentioning our products help with Conditions so I need to keep all my clinical research under wrap. Sorry. When the association is completed we will mail out a notice in our newsletter to those who want to join.

  • Ileana Bourland

    What is recommended in terms of ending the cleanse? Stop everything cold turkey after expelling the “tire”? Or back off on the products gradually?