7 Tips on How To Heal From Sunburn Quickly

Whether you live in an urban setting or in the country, summertime means outdoor activities time. Time to get out all the summer dresses, swim gears, flip flops and head to the beach, park or summer vacation spot. The great outdoors and sunshine brings lots of health benefits to our body, mind and soul, after long months of cold weather and indoor activities.

Exposure to sunlight is the best natural source of Vitamin D, but being overly exposed may lead to something else…sunburn. How do you prepare your family to enjoy the sun and heal from sunburn quickly?

Here are our 7 on how to heal from sunburn:

One: Food and Nutrition
What you eat will affect the severity of sunburn and the speed of healing. Eating food rich in Vitamin C and E and beta-carotene on, before or after sun exposure could help prevent, lessen the exposure and repair sun damage.

Five servings of food like spinach and other leafy green vegetables, red pepper, melons, apricot, carrots, broccoli, flax seed, avocado, almonds, sunflower seeds and citrus fruits are rich either in Vitamin C, E or beta carotene. They are antioxidants for your body.

Lycopene, found in cooked tomatoes are also useful in healing sunburn quickly.

It is not always easy to have enough nutrients in our bodies. For sufficient Vitamin C, Young Living has two options. Super C and Super C Chewable. Both provide the body with powerful antioxidant Vitamin C with 2,166 percent of the daily amount recommended.

Two: Water
Drinking water helps hydrate, re-hydrate and cool down our body during hot summer days. Caffeinated or sugared drinks are not the same as drinking pure water. If you quench your thirst with liquids other than pure water, you are not providing your body the necessary liquid to re-hydrate.

Urine that is very dark or not clear is most likely showing signs of dehydration in your body.

Water could help cool down sunburn skin and help with pain relief for burnt skin.

Three: Cool shower and cool wet compress
Avoid hot baths or showers when you are treating sunburned skin. Hot water may irritate and cause more inflammation to your skin. Cool showers and cool wet compresses can help ease pain and heat from the sun.

Get a washcloth and soak it in cool water (not ice) and apply directly to burn areas for several minutes. Continuously rewetting the washcloth and apply a few times throughout the day.

Four: LavaDerm Cooling Mist
The gel-like liquids in aloe vera plants have been used for centuries in treating sunburn. Study shows that aloe has anti-inflammatory properties and has the right ingredients to treat burns. Finding aloe vera plant is not that easy when you need them immediately.

Another of nature’s gifts for healing and regenerating burn, rashes and skin irritation is lavender essential oil. It was discovered by accident by French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse when he was severely burned in a laboratory accident. He accidently dipped his burnt hand into a jar of lavender. It instantly soothed the pain and his healing began.

Young Living has a perfect combination of these two ingredients. The LavaDerm Cooling Mist is a cooling spray that contains lavender essential oil and aloe vera gel. The cooling spray has the right combination of essential oil and aloe to help soothe and rejuvenate stressed skin.

Spray topically onto desired area and repeat every ten to fifteen minutes or as needed. It will quickly cool and hydrate affected areas and speed healing and tissue regeneration.

Testimonial from Brenda, Minnesota:

My husband was out boating and didn't apply any sunscreen. He received a really bad sunburn on his back. That evening I applied the LavaDerm Spray and he seemed to sleep well even with the bad sunburn. The next morning he applied the LavaDerm spray HIMSELF. To me that was a true testament to the power of the LavaDerm spray. The LavaDerm also prevented him from peeling.

Five: Topical application of Essential Oils and moisturizer
The sun does dry up our skin. Apply lavender essential oil directly to affected skin or add 10 drops of lavender oil in a 4 oz. spray bottle filled with distilled water. Shake well and spray on to affected areas. (From The Reference Guide for Essential Oils compiled by Connie and Alan Higley).

Testimonial from Leslie, Arkansas:

A client of mine got sunburned on her upper leg from canoeing and decided to see just how good Lavender is for sunburn. She applied lavender on one leg and a commercial sunburn product on another. A day or two later she showed it to me, and before I knew that she had done the test I mentioned that one leg sure got more sunburned than the other. And you guessed it, the one that was better was the one with the essential oil treatment. That proved it for both of us!

If you have sensitive skin, dilute lavender oil with V-6 oil or any pure vegetable oil before applying onto skin.

A client that has sensitive skin:

A friend of ours just returned from the shore and when I seen her my first thought was emergency room. She could hardly walk because she was burnt so bad on the front of her legs. I gave her a bottle of lavender oil and some V-6 vegetable oil in case the lavender had a sting to it on her sunburned body. The next day we called her and she said she felt much better and was up and moving around. She said she didn't use any of the vegetable oil and the lavender didn't sting but felt so soothing. She is now interested in what other oils can do.- Jim from Pennsylvania

Use lavender Hand and Body Lotion to help moisturize skin after using LaveDerm.

Six: Natural Pain Relief

In 1996 of Young Living Essential Edge, there was an article entitled “Sunburn Relief” where the article said researchers found that many people received instant pain relief when using Mineral Essence internally or topically applied to sunburn areas. (From The Reference Guide for Essential Oils).

Mineral Essence is a natural liquid mineral supplement that contains over 60 organic, ionic trace minerals blended with Royal Jelly and Essential Oils. These ingredients provide antimicrobial protection and improves oxygenation to the cells in our body.

Seven: If severely burned, seek medical help
If you are severely burned, have swelling and blisters developing, or running a fever, seek medical professional help immediately.

Prep your skin: I learned this from several friends who like to vacation down in warm climates. They prepare their skin by slowly introducing sunlight after several months without it. They go tanning strategically getting a little bit of sun working their skin up so that they are tan by the time they are ready for vacation.  

They say you can still burn if you over do it, but your skin is better prepared to take the intense rays of the sun…  Now I don’t know if this is skin science but I do know they don’t have the bad burns I have had in my life.

About the sun’s rays:
As much as we need the sun’s exposure to replenish our Vitamin D stores and enjoy the pleasure of playing and lying in the sun, overexposure could cause skin or eye damage and skin cancer. Remember the three types of ultraviolet rays present in sunlight. The UVA, UVB and UVC.

Over exposure to UVA will cause skin to wrinkle and aging and may contribute to melanoma. Pay attention to the weather advisory for the day about the intensity of UVA rays.

UVB rays may cause cataracts and effects on our immune system. UVB rays also cause skin cancer.

Out of all the rays, the most dangerous is the UVC. The rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm.

Enjoy fun in the sun and practice moderation and precaution at all times. If you need more information about the various ways to heal sunburn, please contact us.

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  • Dj2me55

    I use Lavaderm on my arms when I have been outside longer than I planned and no burn feeling

  • Ebarbagallo

    Great information.  I rarely get burned, but when I do now I know exactly what to use.
    Lavaderm with be on my “to buy” list and I always have the lavender oil on hand!

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