5 Quick Steps to Replacing your Favorite Foods without Feeling Lost

Nothing brings more delight than homey comfort food with family and friends. For some it could be a pot roast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, macaroni and cheese or chicken and dumplings. They sure bring back the memory of childhood and mom’s cooking. Often those are our favorite foods.

After thoroughly enjoying a hearty meal, we might feel sleepy and tired and go off to bed. The next morning we might feel bloated, sluggish and low in energy, needing caffeine to boost your day. Rushing out the door without any proper breakfast either to work or to run the day’s errands.

It does not stop there, we continue throughout the day bingeing while at work and going out for lunch at the local pizza place with our colleagues and at the end of the day rushing home to find the fastest way to serve dinner for our families.

Most of the time it could be a type of fast food, pre-made from the store or another rich comfort food.

Not all comfort foods are created equal…

Some may be unhealthy. What do you do if your favorite foods are making you tired, giving you the added calories and may lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure?

Here are 5 proven quick steps to help you replace your favorite foods without feeling lost. Remember to follow the steps and you are sure to feel better:


Dictionary.com defines mindset as an established set of attitudes held by someone. We are creatures of habit and have our set ways of doing, thinking and of course, eating. Much has been written and said about the possibilities of changing a habit and creating new habits within 21 days.

It is always easier said than done…when it comes to taking steps to change. And the last thing you want is a reminder of how bad a certain type of food is. To overcome a problem, we have to face reality.

Eating plenty of rich foods and having a lifestyle that is sedentary will surely lead to sluggishness and feeling stuffed.

Quick action step: Walk for at least half an hour per day, preferably in the morning. Walking and exercising will help our body produce endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals necessary for ‘feeling good’, making us more energetic. This then gives us a positive outlook on life and takes away all the sluggishness in our body.

With the right frame of mind in the morning, we will start the day right and make good choices. Instead of going for just bagels and caffeine, think about food that gives you energy.

What would that be?

Protein for breakfast: 
Not bacon, sausage and eggs all the time. Occasionally, that would be a good treat. A complete meal with protein, carbohydrates, fruits and calcium in the morning helps us start the day right.

Protein helps repair body tissues, cells, muscles and organs. In the morning after a night of rest, our body needs the replenishing of protein, the building blocks of life.

Imagine what it would do to our bodies when we load on protein during breakfast hour? Not everyone has the time to cook out a complete meal when they have to rush out the door to work.

Power Meal by Young Living is a rice-based meal replacement, rich in amino acids, calcium and antioxidants. You get 20 grams of protein per serving. Amino acids are what is left in our body when proteins are digested and it is needed to break down food.

You will have more energy, cut off the feeling of being bloated, and have a full stomach without the need to binge before lunchtime.

Quick action step: Eat eggs, lean meat or get into the habit of making the Power Meal shake, smoothie or just add water.

Is that enough?

Green your palette:

Just like an artist with a palette of colors to paint a beautiful piece of artwork, our plate of food needs colors to add life and health to our body.

Imagine just eating cabbage and no other vegetables? Is that enough to support good health?

Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collard greens are rich in vitamins K, C, E and B, has phytonutrients like lutein and beta-carotene and provides minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. All these are necessary to protect and prevent our body from the many known diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, blood clot and many more.

Another great source of phytonutrients is tea. A specific type of tea called Slique is known to satisfy our appetite and reduce hunger, which means we will not overeat.

Quick action step: Sipping a cup of Slique Tea with breakfast, lunch and dinner will boost your energy and curb your appetite. Instead of drinking diet drinks or caffeinated drinks loaded with sugar and cream, try tea. Not to mention the unhealthy consequences attached to the drinks.

I guess the English has teatime for a reason with the dainty sandwiches and scones.

Sounds easy and replaceable? What’s next!

Hot and spicy:

Instead of using mayonnaise, butter or oil based sauces and condiments filled with fats and oils, how about hot sauce or hot chili made from vegetables?

A Purdue University study wrote:

Spicing up your daily diet with some red pepper can curb appetite, especially for those who don’t normally eat the popular spice.

Are you ready to go on a food adventure?

The study done in April 2011 by Professor Richard Mattes and doctoral student Mary-Jon Ludy found that, consuming red pepper can help
•    Manage appetite
•    Burn more calories after a meal especially for those who do not consume spice regularly
•    Reduce hunger
•    Increase energy expenditure
•    Burn calories
Just by adding pepper instead of oil based condiments to your meal can have the added benefits listed above.

Quick action step: Sprinkle red pepper to your meal or get a bottle of Tabasco for a dinner tonight. Try cayenne pepper or jalapeno too.

Did you notice?

We did not have a list of dos and don’ts!

Just a little actionable step along the way can make a huge difference to your life…

Get a picture of yourself…

Picture perfect: 
It is not about restrictions or rules. It is a mindset of adding value to your day and your life with quick actionable steps without you feeling guilty, lost or overwhelmed.

Could you picture yourself feeling better, having more energy, eating right, having healthy eating habits and passing along the good habits to your family?

Ways to feel good and easy to follow steps…

Be different this month…bounce back to life and by the end next month, 30 days from now, you may be a different you.

I would like to invite you on a journey with me on the Slique Weight Management Program.

Please leave us a comment below. Let us know how this article has served you.

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