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    Eat and drink your way to a pain free life…  
                                                                                                                                                                              5 Simple Tips You Can Do Yourself To Reduce Pain by 30%
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                                  Dear Pain Sufferer,
                                  The Total Wellness DocWhat if you could feel less tired and eliminate some of those aches and pains?
                                  The Total Wellness DocImagine if you could actually carry your own grocery bags without always feeling you need some help.
                                  The Total Wellness DocWhat if you could sleep through the night without feeling like watching TV to pass out sometime… and that is your only help?
                                  The Total Wellness DocImagine walking up the stairs without having to deal with joint stiffness.
                                  In this FREE downloading recording you will get 5 easy and simple tips to:
                                  The Total Wellness DocLessen the pain  
                                  The Total Wellness DocLessen the struggle
                                  The Total Wellness DocGet your life back
                                  The Total Wellness DocWalk and exercise without hurting
                                  The Total Wellness DocRelease some weight… 5, 10, 15, 20 lbs
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  • Njrudolph

    I’m writing on behalf of a beloved friend who started having nerve pain about 4 years ago after taking some black salve internally..recommended by a chiro.  Since then her pain has intensified and in the process they have found Lyme’s.  After failed medical treatments and more intense pain she has sought alternative care ranging from reiki, chiro, accupuncture, nutrition, energy work, bio feed back machine (which has given the most relief with the auricular therapy it provides).  She explains her pain as a torch like pain that never stops from her head to the tips of her toes.  The pain has become a disease in and of itself.  If she gets the Lymes taken care of then she will still have the central Pain syndrome.  What are your recommendations?  I see you use essential oils. Would they help with this kind of condition?  Have you had any testimonials with this?  Do you feel raindrop treatments would help?  Please respond to njrudolph@gmail.com.  Thanks so much.