Ouch That Hurts

I have been in pain this past week after pulling some muscles in my shoulder blade.  As the mother of a 1 year old healing this injury is not easy when you are picking up your 24lb son dozens of times a day.  “Ouch that really does hurt.”  But I started to think of all my clients and those of you out there who are parents and in pain.  This is NOT FUN….

But now I am thinking of all the conditions my clients struggle with everyday, especially my Fibromyalgia Clients.

Back Pain,

Neck and Shoulder Pain,

Joint stiffness,

Headaches and Migraines

Dealing with pain without children is one thing but with children must be awful.  In fact, Heather Maidment who shares her story of recovering from Fibromyalgia at 2011-01-30_14-08-41_560.3gp   dealt with that very thing.  Can you imagine being in so much pain that it hurt if your children hugged or even touched you?  I can't. 

My professional career has been spent treating and teaching people to get out of pain since 1999.  Yet it took me 3 days to remember to do that for myself.  Don't wait any longer. Try something that is simple and safe.  I used Deep Relief Roll on.  I rolled it on my neck and shoulder and the pain diminished by 60% in just 2 minutes.  A couple hours later I needed it again but this time it worked even better.  Compare this to my husband rubbing my shoulder for 20 minutes and the oils did much better.

At the Total Wellness Doc we offer many solutions that may reduce or eliminate your pain.   Here is a story that came in this week from Yanina Rivera who used Panaway essential oil.  

 These oils have me speechless…wow!   I forgot this was part of my Young Living Essentials everyday oils… I used it on my arthritic ankles (horrible flare up this weekend) and unexplainable swollen red bump on between knee and ankle… swelling went down, improved circulation and pain. Satisfied customer once again.


When I was first learning and experimenting with Therapeutic Essential oils I had a Landlord come to me with terrible knee pain.  He told me he had been taking Celebrex for over 6 months and it was really “tearing up”  his stomach.   So I asked him if I could try the Panaway oil.  I applied 6-10 drops all on the knee and then behind the knee, and down the leg.  A month later I got an email from my landlord telling me he has been out of knee pain since that day and he got rid of his Celebrex and his stomach was doing much better. 

Research and Safety

Thousands of dollars have been poured into research of the develop and quality preparation of these essential oil  blends.  Although more costly that an aspirin the benefits and safety are worth it!  Both Panaway and Deep Relief  essential oil blends are great to keep in your arsenal of health products.  I'd even suggest to keep them on you or near by.

If you struggle with pain every day these blends are safe to use daily. We know many pain drugs when used long term have damaging or addictive side effects.  Even over the counter Tylenol, Aspirin and Ibuprofen have been shown to  stress or damage the liver, kidneys or stomach with daily use.  Hundreds of our clients have used these oils with no side effects because they are safe.    

How do you use Deep Relief or Panaway: 

Deep Relief comes in a Roll on so you can simply roll on the area of pain and rub in with your hands or not.   The oil will absorb into the skin within a minute or two.

Panaway can be applied straight or put into a base of pure vegetable or olive oil and rubbed into the area of pain. 

With both oils You will start to feel the deep penetrating tingly action which can last up to 30 minutes.  Even after the cooling sensation is gone many times the pain levels will remain decreased.  

I suggest you combine the oils with a light massage, Chiropractic or if you are getting any other from of therapy.  The combination should enhance your results. 

If you would like to try Panaway or Deep Relief visit www.orderoils.com or call our office directly at 315-883-1943.  Good luck and let us know your stories of getting out of pain in our comment section below or post it on Facebook at   Mary Starr Parmley Carter  . 

Thank you,

Dr. Mary Starr 


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One Woman’s Journey from 310 lbs to 130 lbs

Gastroplasty including lap band surgery or stomach stapling is a restrictive operation for weight control.  Both a band and staples are used to create a small stomach pouch so you physically can not eat large quantities at a time and it slows down the passage of food.
Here is part of one women's journey of 180lb weight release with this.
Interview with Karen Twomey
In 1987 a 310lb Karen Twomey had stomach stapling and released 110lbs in a year. In the next 21 years she would release a total of 180lbs. In the 24 years since the surgery Karen has been through more than most would want in their life. Including divorce and care-taking for her second husband until his death.
“At first I used the Stomach stappling as a tool to release the bulk of my weight. It's been 24 year long journey and I have learned a lot about myself through the journey.   At first  I used exercise to keep the weight off.  Later I started lifting weights to lift my husband when I was caring for him when he was ill. After many years on this journey I realized that weight lifting and exercise are keys for keeping off the weight but also other things.” Today Karen says she also uses good outlook, no dieting just common sense to maintain her weight.
What would you say to someone who was considering stomach stapling, gastric bypass, lapband surgery?
“50% of of people who get gastroplasty succeed. That means 1 out of 2 are failing. That is a big number.“ Even though gastroplasty creates a physical limitation allowing the recipient to eat only a small amount at a time. Karen says, “ People find a way around the limitation and can gain back the weight.” Finding out what her eating triggers were    was a key to Karen's success.
Understanding Why you Eat
Karen says; “I learned what triggers me and what I can do to stop a trigger. I was an emotional eater not a food addict there are definitely two differences. I remember I had a friend who passed  and I went out and bought all the foods I used to eat. Sweet, salt for comfort. Then I looked and realized I was trying to fill the pain. This was the first time I realized I was an emotional eater.”
One Addiction for another
For me exercise became an addiction until I would find balance in it.  Karen is right many gastoplasty patients transfer their food addiction to something else.
October 24th 2006 episode of Oprah Winfrey showed 30% of this addiction transfer to alcohol.   This is why it is so important to find root causes of our food addiction. At www.thetotalwellnessdoc.com we are committed to helping you find root causes.
Support Groups
When you are off track you slip into old patterns. Patients are now told prior to surgery that gastroplasty is just tool. That diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are the key to success but Karen highly recommends those who have this procedure to be in a local gastroplasty support group for at least 6 years.   Support groups have helped Karen and 24 years later she still attends meetings.
Karen was determined she would not fail. She had baby and says for her, “it was life or death.” I believe it is that determination that encouraged her to not give up, to learn about herself, and solutions for wellness. She is an example to any of us who are on the path to better health through her constantly learning and growing.
“It has been a journey. Every year I am learning more about myself and my relationship with food. To make it a healthy one not a destructive one. Food is something we need to exist. You have to maintain a good relationship with food.”
We publish newsletters and blogposts twice a week for our readers for general education purposes only. We cover topics that are related to achieving and maintaining total wellness which includes our emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health.

Understanding Fibromyalgia

I remember when I saw Fibromyalgia for the first time. I mean really saw it. It was 1999  I was still in Chiropractic school and a class mates wife had been diagnosed. I remember how exhausted he looked everyday. He would share, “my wife had a good night last night” or “my wife had a bad night last night.” I remember that they had to move where they lived because she was losing the ability to do stairs, and was extremely sensitive to mold and mildew. He ended up failing several classes and I am not sure he even got his degree. This was the first time I realized the impact Fibromyalgia had on the entire family.

About a year later I met Mary Moeller the author of Fibromyalgia Cookbook; A Daily Guide to Becoming Healthy Again and other articles and books of overcoming Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.   This two hour lecture would change my life.  

For weeks I talked to anyone who would listen about what I had learned. Through her training I learned about  yeast and Candida and the effects on our health. I reported some of this information in an essay I wrote for one of our nutrition classes but sadly it would be about another 5 years before the professor would come into agreement with this information. This was the first lesson that even in Alternative, Nutritional and Holistic Health Care practitioners can be years behind scientific and clinical research.

In 2001 I began training with a pioneer in natural health and the nutrition field and would soon find that most of what I would learn would take even the Holistic Practitioners about 2-4 years to begin using these things. It was at these cutting edge trainings where I would begin to meet more and more individuals healed from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  

From 2003- 2006 I began to see a large number of cases of Fibromyalgia at our Wellness Center.  We utilized some of the cutting edge therapies and treatments I had learned about.  The results were promising but disappointing. Clients would get 30-60% improvement in their symptoms, but if they stopped coming many times we would have to start all over. I didn't know then that I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

I worked harder and harder giving my patients everything I had until my health started to be affected  Not unlike many practitioners I was not caring for my body as I needed to. But this lessons would  give me an understanding how ones health could deteriorate without you really noticing.  

In 2007 my eyes became open to a missing piece of the puzzle.  It was a HUGE piece that I thought I had before but didn't. I began to incorporate this missing piece of the puzzle in 2008 and WOW did I start seeing healing after healing after healing. My practice soon evolved and I started working with clients from all over the world through phone consultation. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome clients have been the majority of my clients for the past 5 years.     

In 2010 I had a God appointed health challenge that would again give me great compassion for my clients and lead me to find another missing piece of the puzzle for them and me.  

I know that I know that I know there are answers for those suffering. Here is a message I would like to share with you from a woman who has recovered from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus and much more. It is my gift to you that you too may learn some missing pieces of the puzzle for your health.

We publish newsletters and blogposts twice a week for our readers for general education purposes only. We cover topics that are related to achieving and maintaining total wellness which includes our emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health.

Fibromyalgia Seriously

Fibromyalgia Pain is a complex and unique problem with 100 or more different solutions. That is right– I said solutions. Maybe you are thinking I have tried everything; you don’t know what you are talking about Dr. Starr, there is no solution for my pain. I just have to live with it.

Well I would kindly like to disagree. In the almost 15 years of working in the health industry and meeting thousands of people in pain and hundreds with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I have seen and continue to see more and more people break free of this diagnosis FIBROMYALGIA.

Maybe you have heard these horrific words from your doctor; “It is all in your head”, “You need to seek psychiatric help.” “I am putting you on an anti-depressant.” WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

Fibromyalgia pain is real and serious.

Why do Doctors write off this condition? I believe the reason is because it is a very difficult and challenging puzzle to solve that usually needs different and holistic approaches versus pharmaceutical drugs.

If you had a mechanical problem with your Porsche would you go to Cole Muffler or Wal-Mart to get it fixed? No, you would go to a shop that specializes in fixing your Porsche. Many times we go to a General M.D. or a specialist that may not be skilled in treating your condition. Don’t get me wrong, we need Physicians but they are not God. They have limitations in their knowledge and skill. One doctor said “I hope my patients get mad that there aren’t any traditional medical solutions, which they will go out and seek better ways of getting health!”

How can you find help with your condition?

1. Know the Result you want. Is it to reduce your pain, to get off medications, to be pain free. Know the result you want before looking for help.

2. Interview your specialist, whether it is a physician or natural health practitioner Here are a few questions to ask:

Out of all your clients what percentage of clients do you see that have fibromyalgia?

What percentage see ______________________ (the results you want to see).

How long does it take the average client to see __________ results?

At The Total Wellness Doc 65% of our clients have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and 90% of the rest of our clients have fibromyalgia type symptoms like joint pain.

Out of those who follow directions 100% get some sort of result including reduced pain, no pain, reduced medications, active lifestyle again, improved moods, weight loss, improved sleep and the list goes on.

3. Now Follow Directions

Once you have decided to work with a practitioner follow the instructions. Those who follow instructions get better results, plain and simple. Better yet those who follow instructions with a good attitude do even better.

If you need to drink a gallon of water then drink a gallon of water. If you need to reduce or eliminate your sugar, do it.

On a personal note I struggle myself with following directions. As I know most of you do. But when I follow my own health directions boy oh boy do I FEEL AMAZING! So I don’t know everything, all I know is if you want to improve your health then follow instructions.

4. Be Consistent

Many nutritional changes, supplementation and therapeutic techniques will take time to start to make changes in your body. Give it at least 6 weeks before you make a decision. If you are still skeptical I encourage you to have an open mind and get results. Some of you will need a consistent 6 months to regain your health. Just don’t give up.

*Healing takes time, energy, and money*

Time: Understand that getting healthy does not happen overnight. Many of you took years to get in this condition and it will take years to fully recover.

Energy: Some days it is going to take all the energy and willpower you have to keep with it, whether it is preparing a special meal or getting the exercise in you need. It may mean letting go of some responsibilities or hobbies to devote to your health program.

Money: Getting healthy will have costs. Most reputable practitioners or products are not getting rich on you. But in the case of Fibromyalgia it will take an investment to get better. Set aside a health budget and understand if you choose to use natural medicine and nutrition that it will most likely not be covered by your insurance.

Out of all the sufferers reading this I know some of you will not want to take the time, energy, or money it takes to get better. Others will do partial programs or get on track for short periods of time. It is all okay. We are each individual and have the right to make choices.

At the Total Wellness Doc we don’t judge your commitment level. None of us is perfect nor do we want to be. But if you are ready to get healthy, make some strides in your health, then we are here to serve you.

We have a special gift worth $197. A 4 part audio series and Action Guide about Fibromyalgia and how to affectively deal with sleep, anxiety, pain, energy, and much much more. Plus if you are registered at www.thetotalwellnessdoc.com you will receive a bonus audio that will shock you. I am not going to tell you what it is yet. Stay tuned.


We publish newsletters and blogposts twice a week for our readers for general education purposes only. We cover topics that are related to achieving and maintaining total wellness which includes our emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health.

Life without Gluten Can still be fun!

Here is a little snippet of an upcoming Blog about Gluten Intolerance.  Gluten is a component of grains and cereals.  Most commonly known to be in wheat products it can also be found in everything from ice cream to ketchup.  New research shows that gluten intolerance could be affecting the health of more than 5% -10% of Americans.

Here is one women's story who has the most severe case of gluten intolerance called Celiac Disease. 

Click below to watch the video.



We publish newsletters and blogposts twice a week for our readers for general education purposes only. We cover topics that are related to achieving and maintaining total wellness which includes our emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health.